Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fun SoCal Event: Sweet and Wyland Launch Party

If you're into all things sweet and ocean conservancy like me, you are going to LOVE this new partnership between Sweet! and Wyland Foundation. Who isn't into sugar highs and the coastal lifestyle?

Please see this media alert below about this cool new partnership and launch event in Los Angeles. I apologize for the mere pasting of the media alert, but I am a working mom of three kids, it's Sunday and I'm in a rush to get to the park before the L'il Chicken Hawk burns the house down.

If you end up going, let me know how it goes!!! I'm envious! We'll be on a spring break road trip to the Grand Canyon!! woot woot!

Celebrates with April 12th Grand Opening & Interactive Event from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

WHAT:                Sweet! at Hollywood & Highland Center is proud to partner with world-renowned marine life artist and conservationist, Wyland on the first ever Wyland Gallery in Los Angeles. Bringing together Wyland’s art with the world of candy, the partnership will introduce a whole new line of Wyland candy, chocolate, and chocolate sculpture as well as Wyland original artwork and giclees. The first-of-its-kind, Wyland Gallery of Hollywood will be located inside the South Side of SWEET!, the store’s 28,000 square-foot flagship at H&H. Renowned for his famed murals, Wyland has been a leading advocate in the effort to protect the world’s ocean resources for more than twenty-five years. 

                                In celebration, Sweet!, Hollywood & Highland, and the Wyland Foundation LLC are commemorating the grand opening with an all-day event melding art, conservation and candy.

WHEN:              11:00AM – 2:00PM at Hollywood & Highland Center
  • Passport Distribution Booth where families and kids can receive Sweet!/ Wyland passports to be stamped at the below stations (Prizes will be given for each completed passport!):
  • Chocolate Station with Sweet! Chocolatier, Richard Ruskell, the Food Network’s top winning chef
  • Experiential 24-foot Wyland Mobile Learning Center a 1,000 square foot interactive exhibit on wheels dedicated to demonstrating how water shapes our lives. 
  • Mayor’s Challenge Kiosk set-ups for pledge drive for the National Mayor's       Challenge for Water Conservation on conservation and recycling of this vital resource.
  • Gigantic Wyland Chocolate Sculpture, Candy-Decorating, Sculpting
  • Canvas Paintings with Notable Artists in H&H Orange Court
  • Art Contest for Kids, where kids design their own candy bar packaging
  • Tours of Wyland Gallery at Sweet! Hollywood
  • Stamping and Instagram photo at each activity station
  • Special hashtag to be created specific to Wyland Gallery Opening
  • Prize will be given for each completed passport
  • One percent of all proceeds from Sweet! on April 12th will directly support the environmental education and outreach programs of the Wyland Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, founded in 1993 to promote, protect and preserve our world's ocean, waterways and marine life.

WHO:                   Open to the Public

WHEN:                 Saturday, April 12, 2014 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

WHERE:              Hollywood & Highland Center, 6801 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028.

Self-Loathing Sunday

Melancholy is truly an art. | Amazon Affiliate Link
Sundays are not always my favorite days. It should be a day of rest, recuperation and leisure. Instead I feel pressure to tackle EVERYTHING that has been neglected throughout the work week: cleaning, groceries, laundry, blogging, side business... The problem is, it's too huge to tackle, and the three year old is so busy, that I am demotivated and I can't get to anything.

It is 10:00 am and I've drafted up a wish list of things I should try to do in the next few hours when the cartoons run continuously. We're skipping church because that takes up too much of the precious morning hours and since I'm the only adult home this weekend, I'm making the executive decisions.

I'm not totally wallowing in self pity today though. I feel a little hopeful and inspired that today will be a good day and the coming work week will be great as well. I don't necessarily care that the house is completely trashed after paying a housecleaner a month ago and killing myself to keep it clean last weekend. It's this season of my life and I should accept it.

I'm one month away from my 40th birthday and I've attempted to get fit with sufficient success. I'm psyched for my big birthday bash at the beach!

The one thing that is leaving me feel crappy today and lately is a deep sense of sadness and loneliness. I have happy moments interspersed with times of melancholy. I feel invisible to my husband and neglected. We're so busy and occupied with our jobs, the kids and the house. We never go on dates, have in depth conversations about things other than tasks, there is limited affection, we're practically celibate. It's not a good time in our marriage.

This is my biased opinion because I'm experiencing emotional angst over turning 40 and going through a little bit of a midlife crisis. I want him to pay attention to me, compliment me, desire me, pursue me and lift me up out of my funk. Instead, it seems he shuts me out and gives all his attention to the dog, his job, his volunteer role and the kids. I'm sure that's the same way he feels about me too. We're both so busy and prideful, we won't stop to say ENOUGH and sit down to talk to one another.

Last weekend we got in a big fight in front of the kids because he accused me of ignoring everyone all day (I was cleaning and listening to an audio book while they played or did their own thing.) So I felt defensive and went on the attack. Which turned into Daddy O becoming passive aggressive victim, calling me a name calling bully. He insinuated that I didn't do enough around the house, which is a common accusation from him. He fails to recognize the massive load of domestic crap I do that goes completely unnoticed, but I don't need a gold star for.

I keep thinking, "I would be better off single; at least I could date and get laid." But then again, I know the reality would be a lot harsher. I'm not up for having my life WORSE off!

For now, it's back to the To Do list! What do you have going on today? Are you excited for Monday? ;)

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

One of Those Days

Headache. Fatigue. Melancholy. Disinterest. Stress.

My To Do list is huge and I can't seem to scratch the surface.

So I ponder if being a stay at home mom might be more relaxing... hmmm...April Fools Day!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Potty Accidents, Hershey Squirts and Skid Marks, OH MY!

I'm annoyed yet again with my childcare situation. Beware of the tangent to unfold below...

My l'il Chicken Hawk has been in his current preschool for one year now. I was looking forward to the expedient potty training they offered (for an additional fee) in hopes we would get out of diapers as soon as possible. Unfortunately, he has been three years old for three months now, and he's still not potty trained. In fact, he sometimes regresses a lot lately. Tuition has increased too so it's become a financial burden as well.

The teachers and administrators have been harping on us (me) to do more at home to motivate him to the toilet such as: negative feedback, scolding, taking things away that are 'babyish' or special to him, etc. They also wanted us to take him to the doctor to see if something was wrong with him since he is pooping so frequently and it's so loose/explosive. They always seem annoyed and exhausted when I pick up my son and when I ask how his day was. MONOTONE voices and LACKLUSTER expressions. Not very inspiring and encouraging for me.

Last week, the administrator cornered me to ask if we could have a joint meeting with Daddy O and I to discuss our potty training methods, etc. She launched into me again about all the terrible issues they were experiencing with him and how they really want to move him up to the next level. As it was 5:00 and I still had to pick up my other two children, and I didn't want to listen to another minute of her B.S., I told her something like, "I have three kids, we're rarely home, we have activities, dinner, homework and lots of other responsibilities..." Basically meaning that I don't have time to be responsible for my son's bowel movements, he will be ready when he's ready and I have other responsibilities to worry about.

Apparently she didn't like that. She huffed and puffed to my husband when they talked that I'm too busy to be consistent in potty training our son, after ALL the effort they put in all day at school. Like I do NOTHING towards that goal. Pah-lease! My husband gave her a note from the doctor stating that our son is neurologically fine and he will potty train when he's ready, that we will cut out the dairy and juice in his diet. That we DO work hard at home to potty train him and motivate him. My husband expressed that they need to be more encouraging when working with our son and his potty training efforts. He also told her that from now on, to talk to him only when they have an issue, because I'm busy, frazzled and not in the right mindset  to receive their messages well during my pick up rounds.

HA! In a way I'm glad he was the warrior in this situation. But in another way, I feel guilty, ashamed and embarrassed that they think I'm a shitty, selfish, working mom who doesn't care enough about my son to pause for a chat about his bowel issues in the evening. Am I projecting? I don't want to deal with them and that nonsense. I won't make potty training sticker charts, set timers, forceably take him to the toilet on the hour, every hour. Yes, I am trying to minimize my overall hassle factor. So I'm lazy? Kids need to take it upon themselves to control their bowels, just like they should be responsible for their own homework. I've already graduated from college and grad school, I've become toilet trained (sorta), so I've done my time. They can do theirs now!

So, needless to say, I'm seriously looking around at other daycare options again. I'm thinking an in-home center.

Wish me luck in the coming months! We've had so many potty accidents, Hershey squirts and skid marks these past few months, I'm at my wit's end!

Friday, March 7, 2014

See Mom Play Update

Three months into the new year and I have lived up to my resolution to include more play and recreation into my life.

I have carved out time in my life for a fun book club with other working moms, lunch dates with friends, nature walks, shopping, gym visits, as well as increased sexual activity! It's so refreshing to have new experiences and fun infused throughout the work week.

Life is still hard with all the stress from child rearing and domestic chores, but it's nice to have things to look forward to each week. I have a lot of fun things coming up to look forward to:
  • Family visiting next weekend
  • Social Media Marketing World Conference in San Diego
  • Spring break at the Grand Canyon
  • Girl trip to Nashville in April
  • Huge 40th birthday party for me in May
  • Business trip to D.C. in June
  • Several summer camping trips in Northern California
The unintended consequence of all my play and recreation is less blogging time. I hope you don't miss me too much; I miss my words, but playing will give me lots to talk about!