Sunday, May 31, 2009

Re-entering the Workforce in T-1

Argh! Now I've gone and done it! I convinced a company to hire me! What was I thinking?!
Only kidding of course! I am excited to put my business casual clothes back on and retire my slacker attire again. Wake up early (butt crack of dawn), mad dash to dress girls, get out the door and join all the other gainfully employed people on the freeway. I'm sure I'll wave an enthusiastic hello to all my fellow drivers with cheery dispositions.

It'll be great to use my brain more fully and work on some fun projects collaboratively. The one caveat of this job too is that it is PART TIME! The only part time job I've had since working my way through college so many years ago. But it is time. I was quite burned out for such a long time. I want to spend some quality time with the girls before they start school and are lost to me forever. lol. (A little dramatic.) I also want to push harder on getting my freelance gig going more and finding more clients. The economy has put that in the crapper.

I think it's just a great opportunity all around.  I will definitely use my writing skills on creative and fun projects and it will keep me sane.  I will get to contribute to our retirement savings, vacation funds, college savings and the girls' preschools.  All important things! 

I'm just excited that this unemployment journey is coming to a close and I'm starting a whole new path altogether! Yippee!

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