Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 4 of Herbalife Healthy Breakfast

It's Day 4 of my new program.  Cafe Latte Healthy Breakfast shake for breakfast every morning + aloe vera juice + herbal tea. And I've been adding protein powder.

Still waiting to feel a boost in energy.  I haven't been drinking my coffee and maybe that's what I'm missing. My friend who is a wellness coach and selling Herbalife (and is hoping for referrals) has recommended this program to me for energy, not weight loss.  It would be nice to tone up though - but that would require going to the gym more regularly, not just by drinking a shake for breakfast.

If anyone is looking for a wellness coach for a healthy program to follow with great products, contact Susan.

Swine Flu at Daycare

Yesterday I heard the news that a child went home yesterday with a 102.5 temperature and was diagnosed with Swine Flu.  Apparently now her whole family has it. I have not gotten the girls vaccinated for it and we will take it as it comes, but I am hoping that they remain healthy.

Hearing stories that children and mothers have died from complications from this, make me even more scared.  Now I'm noticing every single ache or fatigue in my body. Everyone at work seems to be sniffling or coughing. I don't want to touch anything!

Last weekend, we went to so many Halloween parties and events, that I'm sure we are all germ infested.  I hope we stay healthy though. Keeping fingers crossed and saying my prayers.

On Facebook, several of my friends from around the country have posted that their children have it and even whole families have it.  They are mainly saying it takes about 5 days to pass.  Better bring my laptop home with me every night in case I find myself needing to work at home...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 2 of New Healthy Breakfast Program

Thanks to a dear friend, I am on a 30 day trial of Herbalife 'Healthy Breakfast' program for increased energy.  Today is Day 2 and I'm still up burning the midnight oil, so that could be a good sign.  We'll see how I feel tomorrow at 10 a.m. though. 

Cafe Au Lait shake + aloe vera juice + herbal tea in the morning for breakfast. Will continue to document my feedback regularly to see if I experience a difference.  So far so good!

One good thing about it is that it's tasty and smooth - not chunky or 'fake sweet' tasting.  The caffeine in the tea didn't give me the jitters or make me crash or feel irritable after a few hours, like some energy drinks do.