Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Christmas Newsletter That Will Give You a Toothache

I look forward to receiving all the Christmas cards each year with all the updated pics of my friends' kids. But getting a Christmas Newsletter is a rare gem indeed! 

We have a friend who I have always thought was a little over the top with her attempts at creating the 'picture perfect family' persona.  From all the Facebook updates, to the family blog and now the newsletter, it's so damn sweet, it's giving me a toothache!

She's the type to use phrases such as 'play date' and say that all that she's ever wanted to be is a mom.  She is one of those who was a teacher before she had kids, and now she is a cherished stay-at-home mom, the 'greatest job you could ever have'. *blech*  She couldn't possibly continue to work as a teacher and keep up all the responsibilities at home, heavens no!   

Here are some of the most sugary sweet highlights from the newsletter (with the theme of "It's a Wonderful Life"):
  • My husband is definitely my George Bailey.  He continues to fulfill my dreams in making it possible for me to be at home as a full time mom and raise our family in the town we grew up and fell in love in.
  • My days are filled with trips to the park, library, Costco, disciplining, potty training, laundry, my beloved bible study, play dates with friends, catching up on Facebook, loving on my kiddos, etc.
  • ....I finally cleared my credential (just for safe keeping)...
  • ...Some of my favorite things about [our new home] are the floor plan, the view of the back yard from the kitchen sink, the play room (sent from heaven), the location (2 minutes away from my parents!)...
2 minutes from your parents is considered an asset?!! Yikes! Poor husband!  He has to work two jobs so she can feather her nest and then be 2 minutes from her parents in their home town.  This is unfathomable to me.  I prefer to keep my family 2 states away, thanks.

Even if I was a stay-at-home mom, I know I would be involved in my profession to some degree and volunteering and doing things independent from my family bubble.  Hell, I work, freelance and volunteer!  She is so opposite me in these character traits that so annoy me, it's amazing that we can even be in the same room together. 

She knows little about financial matters - her husband handles all that.  She fell apart when her brother, his wife and children moved out of state because she couldn't handle not seeing them regularly.  She gets very bent out of shape and emotional when things do not go the way they 'should' or when her husband acts out of the character she wants him to be (George Bailey).   She doesn't understand why anyone would want to drink a non-alcoholic beer when they're pregnant - "Does it really taste that good?" - YES it does.

I could go on and on, but will save it for another day.  I need to go treat my toothache.

Note to self: time to make some more working mom friends.


  1. Yikes. I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. Do these people really exist?

    Just spending all day with my kids on vacation is enough to send me to the nuthouse.