Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tis the Season

My heart is slowing warming to the Christmas season.  I've done some minor damage to my bank account/credit card and got several thoughtful gifts purchased.  I still have to shop for Mom and all the teachers/caregivers in our lives.  I fool myself into thinking that I'll bake bread or cookies for gifts.  Maybe this weekend...

Last night we saw a wonderful play of Christmas Story at A's preschool.  Definitely put us in the spirit a little more. We have the lights up and the tree up and the advent calendar up (even though we're not keeping up with it.) 

I've been to one great Christmas party so far, and have three more to go - including my own! Yes, we are hosting an 'Ugly Sweater Ice Skating Party'! It's going to be so fun and wacky.  No pressure, casual and very festive!  Since it's at the rink, there will be no clean up or cooking involved. Score!  The girls have never been ice skating so that will make it all the more fun!

Friday is J's work Christmas party, next Wednesday is my work Christmas party and following Saturday our ice skating party.  Someone else invited me to an all girls, no kids Christmas party on a Thursday night.  Practically impossible to attend without making me crazy.  Interesting how everyone is having 'girls only' parties these days.  Nothing wrong with it - just makes it tricky for working moms who need to scramble to get someone to watch the kids.  And I despise scrambling!

I'm really looking forward to flying to WA for Christmas! The girls are going to really enjoy seeing rain/snow, their cousins, aunts/uncles and of course crotchety ol' grandma!  I hear it's 20 degrees right now.  We'll have to seriously bundle up. I might need to bring a space heater since the fam keeps their houses at 60 degrees. They always laugh at how bundled I get and still shiver - INDOORS!  It's been a year since we've been there, so I know the girls are going to love their visit.  They are such a cute duo of sisterhood. It's fun seeing the world through their eyes.  Makes all the holiday hassle totally worth it!!

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