Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We've Lost Another One to the SAHM Club

As I was reading my news feed on Facebook today, I learned that another friend has decided to go the Stay-at-Home-Mom route.  

I must admit, my heart sank and stomach dropped.  I felt a little jealous and sad for me and happy for her all at the same time.  All these mixed emotions about working surfaced for me as well as old beliefs: "I've always worked, I'll always work, everyone else should be working too, you can't do this!"  

Deep down, I really want to be unencumbered by a job and I want to have it all together on the home front and all the benefits of staying at home, but it's just not a reality for me at this time. Not sure if it will ever be.  Even if we have 3 kids - I'm sure I'll find myself back at work and juggling all the balls (or at least attempting to.)  

So, in the mean time, I forced a cheerful comment on her post, "Good for you!" - and went back to work. 

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