Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Work-Life Balance Achieved in 2010?

Oh the ever-elusive work-life balance... 

Every day I seek the balance, yet every day the work aspect seems to overtake the family life aspects.

I'm glad there are so many resources out there for working moms these days and such wonderful women paving the way for us.  Mom Corps has built a business helping women find  flexible employment to fit with their family life.  HALLELUJAH! 

I honestly think that everyone desires and deserves a good work-life balance - single people, people without children, fathers... As soon as companies start offering flexible options to their employees, they may see that it dramatically increases job satisfaction, productivity and retention. 

I feel so fortunate to have every Friday off to spend with my girls.  It's had a huge impact on my state-of-mind and happiness.  Having that extra day doing mommy things has been so rewarding.  Now I don't think I could ever go back to a 40+ hour work week.

Here is a great article on achieving work-life balance this year:

By Nadia MacKay of Mom Corps

"Work-Life Balance" -- Everyone wants the secret formula, the magic number of hours they should be spending on their various work and personal activities, but the truth is that the definition of balance is different for everyone, and it will vary over time as the demands on each person's time change. This year make it a point to find your own balance niche, rethink your approach to work, and make smarter choices based on your priorities....
Let me know if you have negotiated any flexibility into your job.  Hope you attain balance this year!


  1. Hi Everygreen Elle,

    I am glad you liked my article, and thank you for your kind words about Mom Corps!

  2. You're very welcome! Keep up the good work for moms! :)