Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training - Take 2

This is week #2 using cloth diapers/training pants.  Needless to say, it's not effective whatsoever. It's quite frustrating as every trip to the bathroom yields a wet or poopy mess.  

Logically, I understand you're supposed to allow the child to control the potty training, but emotionally I can't let it go.  It seems everyone else has such an easy time of it; "we just did x,y and z and she was potty trained in a day." 

Cloth diapers, going bare, using a potty timer, books, videos, sticker charts, rewards, threats, bribes, big girl vs. baby pep talks, watching big sis pee, etc. etc. She's pooped on the potty one minute, and then the next minute, she'll poop all over in her underwear.  There is no consistency.  It is so maddening!

I'm very near just giving up and going right back to disposable diapers. The cloth diapers are getting so messy and cumbersome - I fill a bucket with them each day.  Pick up a whole bag of wet ones from daycare each day and start all over again the next.  

Chickadee K just does not seem to mind being wet or poopy!  She is in no way disgusted by walking around with poop in her pants.  And she poops about 3 times a day!!  Every time I go to the gym, she poops and the staff need to find me to come back to change her.  Every time I go to my moms group meetings, she poops and I have to scramble to find supplies and location to change her on the fly.  I'm so damn sick of it!

I'm also the only one who seems vigilant about it.  Making sure her pants are clean and dry, asking if she needs to go, coaxing her to go before we leave the house and when we get home.  Utterly exhausting.  

Everyone has their miracle formula to potty training and I just wonder why in the hell it doesn't work for my daughter?!  Especially those self-righteous people who claim their child was potty trained by 12 months. Neither of my daughters adhere to any of my attempts to rushing them through the potty training process.  I can't stand the thought of another 6 -12 months of this crap (literally and figuratively)!

I am seriously considering surrendering for the moment and going out to buy a bulk box of disposable training pants and just ignore the bathroom for a while.  It's just way too time consuming, all-encompassing and I can't stand all the poop surprises.  

Stay tuned for more adventures in potty training...

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