Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Heart Stress

Life just keeps getting better and better!  As I don't want to lose any more sleep than I need to, I'll provide a quick list of things that are bogging me down:
  • My mom's health - 2 kidney infections in the past few months, big time weight loss, and now a discovered 6"x6"x3" mass in her uterus. She has been in remission of breast cancer for over 10 years, so this frightens me. She's also very stubborn and stunted emotionally and that always frustrates me. She refuses to talk about it and shuts down and rushes to get off the phone.
  • My brother's mental/emotional state - he's been released from the slammer and struggling to get adjusted to civilian life again, with new rules.  He's been deemed 'unemployable' due to some mental and health conditions, not sure what. It concerns me that might not be taking the best care of himself and following up with the professionals. Also, what if what he has is genetic?! If so, I think I'll need to re-assess having another child. It's hard to watch your family member destroy their life.
  • Zits - I am not a teenager anymore - why must I be plagued with a forehead of mini-Mt.Rainers?
  • Taxes - I really should have been better organized with my record keeping last year.
  • Work - I have better things to do. Do I really have to go there every damn day?  Don't you know I have baby albums to compile (only 4 years overdue), write letters, sleep in, play video games and other recreational pursuits? P.S. Mr. Bossman, does it really hurt to have a sense of humor? Please don't smirk condescendingly when I attempt a joke.
  • Blog - I set a goal to write twice a week, to be more creative, add some photos, etc. and it's just another thing that I'm half-assing. So much for being able to quit my day job... Also, I want to read more blogs and get to know other bloggers and learn from them.  Not sure how to squeeze that one in with all the other demands.
  • Marriage - when was our last date night??
  • Chickadees - I need to spend more time with them and quit getting home so damn late. I also need to plan healthier dinners. I need to stop raising my voice and barking orders. I'm very impatient and short-tempered. 
Honestly, I really just need to get more sleep.  Starting tomorrow...

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