Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Survived Flying Solo With the Chickadees

This past weekend, Team Pink and I went on an adventure to the Great Northwest and we survived the journey! (I'm a little worse for wear, however, but alive.)  

It actually wasn't too bad flying solo with them and the girls did great.  I made sure to pack very light and not have a lot of extra carry on bags to lug around.  1 suitcase and 1 carry on backpack total.  1 toy and 1 book for each girl, 5 magazines for me.

Seeing my brother and his new baby girl was wonderful.  I removed my prejudice and judgment about his life and situation and just shared my joy over this new and beautiful life.  I do hope and pray that my brother does make better life choices and remain clean and sober from here on out.

My mom was on better behavior this weekend and really had some good interaction with the girls.  She did do many of the things that irritate me, however - watching Y&R soap opera on VHS tape with the volume up full blast, falling asleep in front of the TV and then rewinding to play over again, chain smoking and reading books outside and nitpicking/second-guessing/nay-saying everything.  

She really has lost a lot of weight and is generally easily fatigued.  I worry about her and I'm scared for the test results.  I just wish they could hurry and do the surgery to find out if it's a cancerous tumor and then tackle treatment. When we said goodbye, I gave her a big hug and took a good look at her.  I don't know when I'll get to see her again and what her condition will be then. I felt very sad.

Life is so fleeting and I've assumed my mom would always be strong, invincible and cantankerous.  I'm not ready to see her health fail.  I'll continue to pray for her though.  We don't know if it's cancer, but my mind just automatically goes there.

At least she has put her will and financial affairs in order for the most part.  I'm her executor and health power of attorney and that scares me.  She has not been a very good steward of her finances, so I don't want to be responsible for cleaning up any financial messes.  Especially from out of state. 

On a lighter note, Easter is coming! New life, new beginnings.  The chickadees are excited to wear their new Easter dresses and eat lots of candy.  The in-laws are coming to town and we will attend a HUGE church event on Sunday.  

We will also have to have a 1st birthday celebration for our St. Bernard puppy!  She is so beautiful as she went to the groomer yesterday for her birthday present.  I'm sure she'd prefer cake and ice cream though.

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