Monday, March 15, 2010

Wonderful Guest Speaker Tonight at MOPS

Susan Peterson, author of the book, "Fun and Educational Places to Go with Kids and Adults in Southern California," came and spoke at our MOPS group tonight.  

She is such a lively and energetic person and her book is incredibly comprehensive!  She wrote an entire book listing out family-friendly and affordable locations to visit throughout southern California broken up by category, city, price and even has a calendar section to check events by date.  Places you wouldn't even know about on your own!

I wish we had more time to hear her speak, as she had so many wonderful ideas for kids. For example, collecting small key chains when you travel to new places and display them all on a plastic chain so children can visualize all the places they've been and remember them.  Or collecting postcards from places you've visited, writing the date of the visit on the back and a quote from the child of what was the best part.  She even sewed patches on a quilt from all the places they'd been for one of her sons.  Also, allowing your child to make their own photo album of their trip giving full creative liberties. *GASP* (I'm a control freak when it comes to crafts).
She had so many good ideas how to make the most out of the time you have with your child and igniting their interest in subjects with these enriching field trips.  It was inspiring presentation and I got a lot of good ideas from it.  

My friend mentioned to me after that it made her feel a little guilty that she hadn't done as much of these types of things with her kids and I could relate to that little twinge of mommy guilt.  Life gets too busy and filled up by checking things off my To Do List!

Now that I've purchased this book, however, I can come up with some creative activities to do with the Chickadees.  Perhaps take a sick day for the hell of it!

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