Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Let the Wild Pregnancy Dreams Begin!

The crazy dreams started a week a half ago, before I knew I was even pregnant. Every night I've had vivid and elaborate dreams that seem to go on and on.  

One night this weekend I dreamt I was hanging out with Apolo Ohno and we were trying to figure out which bar to go to with our friends.  We decided we were going to drive up to Canada to go to some really fun clubs.  Can't remember the rest, but he was just a cool dude to hang out with.

Last night I dreamt that my friends (people I actually don't know in real life) and I were in Vegas partying.  I was younger, more energetic, wasn't married and didn't have kids. At least they never crossed my mind.  I was really drunk and realized that I was supposed to have checked out of my hotel room the day before. So I panicked thinking I better get my stuff before they threw it away/took it.  But I couldn't find my hotel key anywhere and I kept getting distracted from the task. 

There were tons of people milling about and they wanted to go to the next bar.  One girl pointed to some photo that was stored up in the ceiling rafter/attic space and asked me if it was mine.  I looked closely and it was an old black and white family photo of a farm family probably from Iowa probably from the early 1900s.  I looked into the face of the mom in the photo and she looked pasty white, hair pulled back, wearing a farm apron like dress, plain, serious,  tired and all about survival in their new home in America.  I said, "Nope, it's not mine.  Interesting though.  Wonder what it's doing here?"  (In a wild hotel in Vegas).

Some dudes helped me out to get me in my room so I could pack up my stuff.  My roommate's stuff was there too and I knew she had already flown out and left her stuff.  So I had to try to pack up her stuff to and figure out how to get it to her.  Guest services had left a really nice expensive looking lotion gift on the bed too that I thought was super cool.  I tried packing both suitcases and nothing would fit in there.  There were too many shoes.  And everywhere I looked, there were more shoes to put in the suitcase.  

I saw very clearly this one pair of shoes that trips me out - I doubt they even exist in real life.  They are black and white wing top, semi high heeled, knee length boots! Crazy. I thought to myself - those don't look like shoes my friend would wear - she must have really changed her tastes since I last hung out with her.  I was in a hurry to pack up and get it settled so I could keep partying and then hook up with this one guy who was with us.  It never happened since I was so discombobulated with all the packing nonsense.

Then another segment, I decided to drive from Vegas instead of fly since I could get a good deal; $98 to be precise.  They cut me even a better deal if I would agree to drive down someone's dachshund dog to Dana Point.  But I would have to keep it at my house for a week to wait for them to arrive for pick up.  I asked if the dog could stay outside in the backyard without trying to escape and would it get along with a St. Bernard.  They said it might try to escape, but I still said okay, I'd do it.

Then I left the car rental place, went to a big busy place to fill up with gas. I couldn't read the gauge on the car and it kept fluctuating.  Just when I was about to get out and pump, the gauge jumped to full and I took off.  Some dude was checking me out waiting for me to decide what to do.  When I drove off, so did he.  He was wearing an aqua plaid fedora type hat and thought he was cool.  I didn't have time for him - I was in a hurry.  Excited to hit the road.  

So, I'm about to go to bed now and I'm curious to see what dreams I'll have tonight.  It's only a matter of time until the $ex dreams start happening that are common when pregnant.  My hubbie says I should have one about my boss, since I've had one about all my bosses I've had at some point.  I shrieked telling him NOT to even plant that seed in my head!  I couldn't stand it if I had to have a dream about my boss and then have it stuck in my head every time I see him.  God forbid!

The one thing that's annoying me is this reoccurring feeling of anxiety and trying to find things or trying to get somewhere in my dreams.  Then I toss and turn and have a little bit of insomnia.  I'm not that far along - I shouldn't be experiencing that right now!

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