Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Turning Japanese

So I had an interesting dream last night.  I dreamt I was at work.  But our offices were outside in the woods.  This one guy who I actually work with in real life was in charge all of a sudden.  He was not happy with me because I wasn't learning Japanese and it was suddenly mandatory for the job.  (In real life, this guy will only speak Japanese. He may understand English, but he'll never speak it.)

He had many strict new rules for the job.  Not only did I need to speak Japanese, he wanted me to learn how to write in Japanese and was trying to teach me calligraphy.  His desk was embedded into the trunk of a tree, by the way.  He was calling me out in front of everyone and making me feel incompetent.  

There was also a new way we were supposed to sign our emails.  It all depended on your status/class.  I was trying very hard to learn all these new things and wondered how in the hell my world got so turned upside down.  I asked myself if I really wanted to stick with the job or just quit.  Looking at those Japanese characters swimming nonsensically in front of me was very intimidating.

Now I'm really at work, in an office building, speaking and writing away in English. What a relief.

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