Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Lovely Email From a Micro-Manager

I don't have much time to really express how I feel about this email I received the other day from my micro-managing misfit of a boss.  But, suffice it to say, that it REALLY annoyed me.  Reminds me of my glory days back in the USAF.  Hoo-rah!

Ironically, I was hired under the understanding that as a working mom, I need flexibility and a laid back working environment.  So much for that pipe dream.  I am now formulating 'battle strategies' to fight back at this nuisance.   

Apparently he was looking for me after he came back from his lunch break and I was nowhere to be found.  Gasp!  It must have been a little past 2:00.  Without further ado, here is my lovely email:

I would appreciate it if you would select a time for your lunch break, so that you are back at your desk by 1:30 each day.

Please let me know what your normal daily schedule will be, understanding it may vary for special requirements, so that I know when to expect you and we can be at our work areas, at basically the same times to better exchange in ongoing dialogue.

Micro Manager
I'm just happy that he is not my husband or my Dad, or other family member, because that would be intolerable.  

Any good ideas for implementing subtle workforce insubordinance?