Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Unexpected Dinner Guest

Great. I just found out that hubbie's ex step sis is in town and is coming for dinner. No warning or advanced notice.

We have no food and the house is a mess (not an exaggeration) and we just came back from an exhausting trip. I never like to 'entertain' anyway and I really don't want to tonight.

Dirty dishes on counter
This chick also told me she knew I was pregnant before I even took a test at 5 weeks. Yah right! She said she's psychic. uh huh. So when I told her my news a month later she didn't even act surprised; she said she knew it! Spare me. I find it hard to tolerate her know-it-all attitude especially since we are the same age and she acts like she's my elder. She even moves furniture around to show which direction looks better.

My coping skill for this evening will be to come home late, busy myself with laundry and tasks and then declare how fatigued I am - pull the pregnancy card. It's a fricking week night for God's sake.


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