Thursday, October 28, 2010

33 Weeks and an Inflated Ego

This morning started out great!  I was so happy to realize that I'm now 33 weeks along in this pregnancy and baby boy is almost full term.  He will be here so soon and I'm getting excited and anxious to meet him!

Another thing that made me happy was picking out a cute hippie chick outfit to wear to work.  So comfy and funky.

Hippie woman in summertime

Then, my oldest little chickadee told me my hair looked like Barbie's as I was getting ready.  Wow - Barbie, huh?  That good?  LOL  I love that she still looks at me with adoration and wonder.  She even thought my boobs were big!  I've always been flat chested, so this was something new and funny to me.  I let her know that they just look big because I'm pregnant; that they grow to get ready to feed the baby.  I secretly pray that don't shrivel up to a hardly-B size again.  Please God can I keep them this time?  Remember Judy Blume's, "Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret?"  That was my puberty bible.

Then, as I was walking up to my office building, I crossed paths and was subsequently passed up by 'Mr. Rock-n-Roll' in a Tommy Bahama shirt with a big martini design on the back and designer jeans.  Even though he was an older dude, he was a tall drink of water to behold.  Needless to say, I was admiring his assets.  Turns out that we ended up catching the same elevator up.  He asked me "How are you doing?"  - as he glanced down at my 'state of affairs'.

Young man holding martini glass at marina, portrait (Digital Composite)

"Swell, thanks!" I replied flippantly.

"Looks like you're working it."

"Oh yeah - this - it's fake.  I just wanted to get a few weeks off work.  You should try it!"

We laughed and off he disembarked the elevator on his floor.  I delude myself thinking that he thought me attractive.  But I was flattered and daydreamed that he found me irresistible.  (I have an over-active imagination.)  Self confidence is often lacking when you're pregnant with #3 and often second guess if you're even desirable to your own husband.  Perhaps I should have started humming, "Love in an elevator..." before he got off.  Or asked him for his phone number?  LOL - totally kidding!  I'm happily married folks!

It was also nice to get any form of social interaction at my office building.  Most days, people are too busy and self-important to even acknowledge anyone else.  Sometimes it feels like being pregnant is like a disease that people don't want to catch.  I used to go down to our office building's gym several times a week to work out at lunch, now I've been avoiding that cause it's just too awkward changing and exercising around everyone and their inquisitive stares at my prego belly.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Opinion About 4 Year Old's Birthday Party

I've been to a lot of young childrens' birthday parties lately and for the most part know what to expect at each one.  However, an acquaintance of mine, who is a friend on Facebook, just posted pics from a 4 year old birthday party her daughter just attended, that took me by surprise.

I don't understand why this mom thought it was an acceptable theme for a 4 year old.  It also reinforces some of the lifestyle stereotypes I have of Southern Californians that I don't attribute to and rebel against.

This little girl's birthday party theme was 'Rockstar Diva'.  At the party, they had stations for hair, makeup, nails, etc.  They all appeared to be singing karaoke (without knowing how to read?) and posed provocatively for the camera like little Lady Gagas.  The mom made elaborate goody bags with pampered products and treats inside.  I'm sure there was some designer drug in there for good measure - never too early to become trendy!

The particular theme seems ideal for a middle or high school girl, but come on - a 4 year old?!  In my mind, 'Rockstar Diva' has a negative connotation.  What do you want your child to aspire to?  I know the Disney Princesses and Barbie are insidious in their own regard, but they still seem somewhat a little more innocent and child-like than rockstar divas.

Glancing through the photos, I could almost envision these little divas in another 10-15 years - more little shopaholic princesses to flood Orange County.  Future 'Real Housewives of Orange County' - like we need any more!

Am I wrong about this?  Am I being too harsh?  Is this a harmless, fun party idea for a 4 year old girl?