Sunday, November 7, 2010

Daylight Savings Day and No Sleeping In

It is completely lame that I woke up early on the day you are supposed to gain an hour of sleep! Blame it on the pregnancy insomnia, frequent need to pee and a chickadee who wakes up early no matter the day. But it sucks! There was a time I could sleep in until noon on weekends; meaning no one would stop me AND I was completely capable.

Lord knows how I need my sleep! At 34 weeks and still working, and having crazy busy weekends, I am so exhausted. My ankles are starting to swell and it feels as though my pelvis is ripping apart. It's not enjoyable. I am actually starting to get painful contractions on occasion that remind me of the pain I'm in for soon enough. UGH!

As soon as I go on maternity leave, I fully intend to keep using childcare until the baby comes and take some time off for rest and leisure. I can't wait!!

As I finish writing this, now both chickadees are awake and getting hyped up. No more sleep or serenity... I think I'll go walk the dog; she doesn't make incessant fart noises and laugh hysterically in a manic fashion. *sigh*

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  1. Isn't the last month THE WORST?! (I hope that you were at least able to nap today!)