Monday, November 15, 2010

T-3 Days Until Maternity Leave!

But really......who's counting?! I already have my last 3 professional outfits (as professional as maternity clothes can be) picked out, and then I can start boxing up the clothes I'm never going to wear again.  Yes, I said never.  No more pregnancies for me!

Mr. Bossman appears to be in a cheerful mood, so that is a good way to start the week.  Hopefully it ends that way as well.  Over the weekend he emailed me another new project/idea request that made me shake my head.  I really can't think clearly enough to come up with some brilliant Christmas promotional campaign right now - sorry.  I will try, but not too hard.

Pregnant woman with magazine

I have decided to fully utilize daycare until family arrives in December.  I am in full-on nesting mode and feel completely compelled to de-clutter, organize, clean, clean, clean.  I cannot be stopped.  This is completely unlike me, mind you.  I hate cleaning and find leaving the house for other pursuits much more enjoyable.  I scoff at clean freaks!  But here I it.  *sigh*  It will pass soon enough.

By the way, who wants to buy some super cute work maternity clothes?  Anyone? Anyone? 

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