Monday, February 28, 2011

Nursing/Nap Combo

My little dude has begun nursing and napping at the same time. He just spent the last 50 minutes on 1 side sleeping and using my boob as a binky. Now he's on side 2 and doing the same thing!
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By the time he finishes, it will be time to get my daughter from school and I'm still in my pajamas!  Thank God for my Droid phone!
But seriously, I'm getting sick of doing on my computer work on my phone. I miss typing with both hands. But at least my 3 year old is great at playing by herself.... and resting while nursing in the chair is nice.

We're going on 1 hour and 15 minutes on this session. Sigh.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BlogHer Fashion Musts

If you see me at BlogHer 2011, please come over and say HI! I'm super down-to-earth, genuine and up on all the latest fashions.

This is what I'll be wearing:

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PSYCH! Couldn't resist posting this awesome photo (titled 'Mom Jeans').  HOT, HOT, HOT!

In actuality, I'm thinking I'll wear my Tinkerbell costume to BlogHer.

Unemployment Claim

So I had my interview with the unemployment rep this morning.  I'm happy to report I had all kinds of documentation and dates to provide him.  I'm hoping that my documentation proves that I did my due diligence at work and my boss is the one in the wrong.

It almost seems as though I would have a lawsuit on my hands based on the way that he terminated me. Not to mention the comment he made when I said I would like to go over my maternity plans with him: "I thought you would put a cork in it."

Sorry dude - I may have a dirty sense of humor, but I don't feel like joking around about my womanly parts with you. Especially when you say I put a cork in said parts. DOUCHE BAG!

I'm wondering when I'll find out the outcome of my claim.  I can imagine how pissed my former boss is to learn about my claim.  I'm sure he'll lie his way through it. Too bad for him that I'm an expert documenter.  I keep all the emails and dates written down. I learned a lot in the Air Force - CYA (Cover Your Ass).

That damn Canadian has a lot to learn about smart, tough American women and US labor laws.

Stay tuned...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm Scaring Myself

Wasn't I just saying how much I hate working? Now I feel strange and vulnerable not having a job. I am itching to start updating my resume and searching the job sites. How odd.

I must remember that I am to enjoy my last baby's infancy and put my time and energy into the wee ones and the house as well as trying to develop some sort of a writing gig at home. I must forgo the steady paycheck and benefits and live dangerously doing what I feel will truly fulfill me.

I honestly don't think I do a very good job though of staying home. I am not a good SAHM (yet). But I guess if I'm a writer, I'm not really a SAHM, am I? I can't wait to start receiving unemployment benefits; then I won't feel so unsettled probably. But then again, trying to care for 3 children by myself during the week unsettles me too. I feel like I don't engage them in quality activities enough. But then again, I refuse to over-schedule our days and run all over the place all day long. I also don't feel like spending any money on outings with them since saving seems so important.

Tomorrow is a new day. I want to at least make it to the gym and I want to write up my new client's bio for him. Yay hooray for me!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

See Mom Bitch

OMG. I'm exhausted and it's only Saturday. It's a 4 day weekend and I need a super long nap which can't happen.

My aunt and uncle are in town and keep bickering. Our Saint Bernard, who is 18 months old, is in heat, sulking, pouting and bleeding everyhere. Yes, we are going to get her fixed, but it will cost over $600 and DH is dragging his feet. Yet, he allows her off the leash in the front yard and in the house as she bleeds all over the floor. DISGUSTING!  Oh but she is a family member who has sensitive feelings and shouldn't be locked up in the garage.

I am so fed up with having a big dog. Any dog. I am now a cat person whole heartedly.  Our new carpet is stained brown and musty from her laying all over it. And we never have time to vacuum so it is a constant thorn in my side. UGH.

One last complaint is our couple friend who are getting a divorce.  Her daughter is now begging to come over all the time to play with the chickadees.  She never wants to leave.  She looks deeply sad too.  It's unsettling.  I'm just so sick of spending my days never getting to enjoy my hobbies, interests or marathon napping.  I really need to get another job so I can have ME time.

Can I get an AMEN?

Friday, February 11, 2011

BlogHer Here I Come!

I pulled the trigger and registered for BlogHer 2011! My first blogging conference AND I'm going solo, which is so unlike me. Nothing like stepping out of your comfort zone!

It was the perfect opportunity though since it's an easy drive for me, there is a discounted rate, I won't be pregnant, and if I'm still nursing, I can easily have my family with me to accommodate.

Hooray! Hooray!

I'm hoping to learn new things and expand my horizon . I might even make new friends and have some fun.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Free Agent

Perhaps I should change my blog name to 'See Mom Slack'. I am officially unemployed. TERMINATED to be precise. No, I'm not heartbroken. I despised that asshat.

To make a long story short, he ignored my maternity leave proposal I presented him with months before going on leave. I had told both him and the CEO directly that I wouldn't use childcare until the baby is 3 months old. I said I was more than willing to work on projects from home after my 6 weeks disability postpartum was up. They neither confirmed or denied this would be acceptable. I assumed it would be okay and I was unwilling to compromise on that time.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago... he sent me an email asking when I would return to the office for my normal schedule. I said end of March; what projects will I be working on so I can get prepared? No response. Last Friday I get a very legal sounding and hard-nosed email stating that I need to return to work by February 14th or they will look to fill the position with someone else. Required my response by Monday; noon to be precise. When offering to work from home or a various flex schedule until my childcare spot opened, he denied it and reiterated his initial demand. I was livid all weekend. I was dead-set on never working for him again.

I replied at 1:15 on Monday (after consulting with HR expert, and reviewing email with several people). I missed his noon deadline as I had a peds appointment and had to pick up oldest chickadee from school and start lunch. I stated it was impossible to come back sooner, I'd like to cash out my vacation days, use PFL if it was available to me, and I posted HR laws from our state. I also mentioned he has always promoted the company to be flexible and that he's been willing to work with me, so I assumed he would grant me this extra time to bond with my newborn.

His (almost immediate) response was that I was terminated for not replying by noon and that I was unwilling to come back to the office when requested.  Then spewed a bunch of other bullshit.  I actually felt extreme euphoria that I was free of him and the ridiculous, scammy company. That I would get lots of extra time with my last baby and wouldn't have to stress about going to a place I hate anymore.

Of course I've experienced mixed emotions since then: fear, anxiety...but I'm still happy. I never replied back to his email, but I keep thinking of smartass replies I could send. Namely, "GOOD RIDDANCE!"

Now I'm hoping to receive unemployment. I applied for it right away.  Cross your fingers!

Some people even suggest I sue his ass. Not sure I'm up for that... But maybe it would feel good. Especially since they might be interested in hearing about the time I told him I'd like to talk about my maternity plan, and he said he thought my plan would be to just stick a cork in it.  Hmmm...sexual harassment?? Amazing that he's even married. With 4 kids of his own no less!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Here comes a big vent on how dysfunctional my big brother is. I usually try to push aside thoughts of him very much as I have no control over his life and his poor choices. But I can't help be disturbed by his continued bad choices and how his life is like a train wreck.

He has been out of prison for about a year, and things HAD been looking up. He was living in a sober living house and getting disability benefits, medical benefits, classes, etc. Then...he made a bad choice by having 'just one beer' one night. He got kicked out of his sober living house. His girlfriend, his 'baby mama' as he called her himself, broke up with him and filed a restraining order against him. So he lost relationships with the two things that had been keeping him going while he was locked up. Sad.

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I had been talking to him regularly until he lost his cell phone because he wasn't paying the bill. In a way, it's a relief not to talk to him. Always the victim, and never one to listen to reason or heed my advice. I've just put him out of my head, but I always expect to get random calls from him or my older sister to inform me he'd been to the hospital again, or ended up in jail again or someday the big call that he's been found dead.

Well, I hear he is in jail now. He had been riding in someone's car and they'd been pulled over. He wasn't wearing a seatbelt and they discovered some unpaid tickets on him, so off to jail he went. Dumbass. But - at least he's safe in jail and not a harm to himself or others. Warped thinking, I know, but he's just so toxic.

I have practiced tough love with him and he doesn't always like to hear what I have to say. So he doesn't call me as often. But here is a copy of the texts we sent back and forth the other day. (The misspellings are his, not mine.)

Bro: "yout brother heath is going to SHIT"
"not doing good can i call u"
Me: "What's the matter? My battery is dying."
Bro: "bad athrights" (arthritis)
"been to the hospital like 3 times this mouth running 10 tests on me."
"its serous shit"
Me: "Really? Is it from drinking too much pop? Alcohol? Smoking? Bad nutrition?"
Bro: "not shure goes from back, too albow, too ankle. takes turn. all when I wake up."
Me: "Do you have primary care doctor? ER visits are expensive!" (knowing damn well he doesn't, and he doesn't care that tax payers are paying for all his ER visits. Pisses me off when we have double insurance and have to pay almost $900 just for one ER visit to have littlest chickadee's chin stitched up. Not paying is NOT an option.
Bro: "I have a doc. I dont pay hospital. state."
Me: "Benefits? Nice. Well try to stay health and well the best you can."
Bro: "got new cell. 250 mins a month for a year. free."

That's the end of the correspondence.

Wow - free minutes! So glad your priorities are in order! Christ. He's one of those guys who doesn't have his basic needs met or a job, but he makes sure to have a cell phone and a laptop. Who the hell does he really need to talk to anyway? His sisters?! Because he doesn't have any friends that I know of. He leeches off of everyone.

I am back to praying to God to save my brother from his chronic bad choices and tormented soul. I can't change him or help him. It can only been done by him and with the help of God. How long can a grown man live a childish and reckless existence??