Saturday, February 19, 2011

See Mom Bitch

OMG. I'm exhausted and it's only Saturday. It's a 4 day weekend and I need a super long nap which can't happen.

My aunt and uncle are in town and keep bickering. Our Saint Bernard, who is 18 months old, is in heat, sulking, pouting and bleeding everyhere. Yes, we are going to get her fixed, but it will cost over $600 and DH is dragging his feet. Yet, he allows her off the leash in the front yard and in the house as she bleeds all over the floor. DISGUSTING!  Oh but she is a family member who has sensitive feelings and shouldn't be locked up in the garage.

I am so fed up with having a big dog. Any dog. I am now a cat person whole heartedly.  Our new carpet is stained brown and musty from her laying all over it. And we never have time to vacuum so it is a constant thorn in my side. UGH.

One last complaint is our couple friend who are getting a divorce.  Her daughter is now begging to come over all the time to play with the chickadees.  She never wants to leave.  She looks deeply sad too.  It's unsettling.  I'm just so sick of spending my days never getting to enjoy my hobbies, interests or marathon napping.  I really need to get another job so I can have ME time.

Can I get an AMEN?

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