Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Unemployment Claim

So I had my interview with the unemployment rep this morning.  I'm happy to report I had all kinds of documentation and dates to provide him.  I'm hoping that my documentation proves that I did my due diligence at work and my boss is the one in the wrong.

It almost seems as though I would have a lawsuit on my hands based on the way that he terminated me. Not to mention the comment he made when I said I would like to go over my maternity plans with him: "I thought you would put a cork in it."

Sorry dude - I may have a dirty sense of humor, but I don't feel like joking around about my womanly parts with you. Especially when you say I put a cork in said parts. DOUCHE BAG!

I'm wondering when I'll find out the outcome of my claim.  I can imagine how pissed my former boss is to learn about my claim.  I'm sure he'll lie his way through it. Too bad for him that I'm an expert documenter.  I keep all the emails and dates written down. I learned a lot in the Air Force - CYA (Cover Your Ass).

That damn Canadian has a lot to learn about smart, tough American women and US labor laws.

Stay tuned...

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