Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crazy Dreams

OMG... lately I've been having such strange dream experiences! When I close my eyes and start drifting off, I get this crazy disoriented falling feeling. Then I try to wake up from it because it makes me have strange and scary visions/dreams. But I can't wake up from it.

A few nights ago I was dreaming I was at a party and stumbling drunk in and out of rooms. Then I went in one room and fell down drunk. There were people standing around but oblivious. I couldn't get up and then I noticed that there were 3 big, mean parrots out of their cages and coming for me. They were all trying to bite me with their big sharp beaks. I was trying to scream out for help and was powerless.

Then last night it was even worse. Parrot attacks is almost comical. Last night it was a free falling experience and then this dark force/demon thing was trying to pull me from my feet somewhere and I couldn't fight it. I kept screaming HELP! HELP! HELP! And I thought for sure it was out loud. But then I woke up and asked my DH if he heard me and he said no. I mumbled through the scary dream but he was half asleep and he told me to pray for God to protect me. EEK for some reason that scared me even more. Were demons after my soul??!! I didn't want to go to sleep again after that.

But I did and slept great. The little Chicken Hawk slept through the night which is blissful.

Now I'm just wondering about my sanity. What do these dreams mean? Am I depressed? Psychotic? What is going on?? Are those called night terrors? I'm afraid to go to bed now...

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