Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Don't Do Housework

Dammit. The house is trashed and the in laws are coming to town tomorrow at noon.  I have no desire to clean up the place for them.  The girls just mess it up as fast as I can clean it. (Which isn't very fast when I'm nursing constantly.)
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It's so embarrassing to have such a nasty floor with food all over it. Toilets that aren't cleaned. Dog hair everywhere. Paper clutter. Toys, arts and crafts, school work everywhere. That doesn't factor in the 4 loads of laundry I've stashed away in my bedroom to fold when I feel inspired. (Never.) The filthy baseboards, windows, mirrored closet doors, you get the idea.......

I should really look for a new job right away and make enough damn money to pay for a house cleaner.  My pipe dream of thinking that I would have all this spare time on my hands to clean if I was at home is ridiculous.  I am sick of being at home and trying to keep ahead of the chickadees.  I am sick of trying to keep the house clean!

Oh the fond memories of my little studio apartment that I never had to clean because I was never at home to mess it up!!

The salt in the wound is that I can't seem to find a job when I'm at home because I haven't found time to update my resume or even search.  I also need to find some childcare arrangements for when I have an interview and actually get a job.  Which I can never get around to doing any of this because I'm under siege all the time.  What in the hell am I going to do when school is out for the summer?!!

So, yes, I will likely just leave the house trashed and let my in laws see my mess and maybe it will make them uncomfortable and they won't want to stay long.  No fun hanging around a dirty, downtrodden, mother of 3 when you're of the the jet-setting, life of leisure type.

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