Monday, April 18, 2011

Shortest Non-Blog Post in the West

I need to be hitting the pillow and sleeping, but wanted to briefly spew out some of the latest.

I'm enjoying my guitar lessons and learning lots. My brain and hands are starting to cooperate with each other. I've watched a few YouTube videos that teach you how to read notes and that has been super helpful too. I'm not great at practicing every day, but oh well, I'm not good at doing anything daily - except feeding and diapering the l'il Chicken Hawk.

I've read two great audio books this week. My way of beating the system and not giving in 100% to full time motherhood. MUST.TUNE.OUT.THE.NOISE.OF.FIGHTING.SISTERS.

We got a babysitter Saturday night and proceeded to have a most excellent dinner with LOTS of drinks with a group of friends. We've named ourselves of the Party of 5 club since we all have 3 kids. Believe it or not, we were a cool group of peeps - at least in our own minds. So many margaritas, so little sleep... The Big Guy was hangover all day on Sunday and I was teetering on the edge of it. There was some ridiculous stage dancing going on at the hole-in-the-wall biker bar we were at. I've got no moves - it's no secret. I laughed a lot that night - which is very therapeutic for me as laughter can be hard to come by most days.

I'm in total packing mode now. T-2 days until we leave for Washington and I'm anxious about all the gear required for this jaunt. I pray we survive it. Need to pack as light as possible without forgetting anything.

I'm starting to teach the littlest Chickadee preschool lessons with a box of Mother Goose Time curriculum I have at home. We just do the projects together and I quiz her on things and make it very low key. Then of course I utilize the preschool on TV with shows on Nick JR. and on PBS. While everyone else is dropping big dough on Montessori schools, I'm taking the renegade approach. She gets her social time with her sister and at the Y while I work out and when we have an occasional kid mixer (aka play date - we don't use that lame word).

I do a lot of laundry every day and never can seem to get around to folding and putting away. Today I did. I'm also getting the oldest Chickadee to fold her own clothes and put them away. Love it! No free ride around here kids; we must all do our part!

Haven't really pursued a new job. I 'network' here and there, mentioning that I'm looking for a job. BUT, I'm not really sold on finding a job. Still hoping to land something part time many months from now. In the mean time, thinking of story ideas, reading up on writing, figuring out what I really want out of life in terms of career path and finetuning my domestic goddess skills.

That's enough spewing. So you see how exciting it is here at SMW.

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