Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's Birthday Party Season!

We are now in the season where we attend 1 or 2 children's birthday parties every single weekend. The chickadees love it and it frees us up to talk to the other parents and enjoy food/drinks that others prepared. It's a win/win.

Last Saturday was my actual birthday and we spent it going to 2 kid's parties. I dressed up in a feather boa and a party hat and made sure I had a blast. Gotta love the parties that serve booze!

One party was a costume party with a Hawaiian theme for a 6 year old. The one immediately after was a Wow Wow Wubbzy party for a 2 year old. This one was a hoot. The older boy kept turning off the bounce house to see it collapse on all the kids inside. Later he pummeled another boy with a cushion thing. But - I had my microbrew, so I just watched the entertainment. It wasn't unlike the college parties I (sorta) remember so fondly.

Today we have a 3 year old birthday party at a high end sports club. Parents get access to the facilities (pool, gym, restaurant/bar) as the kids do an obstacle course in the kids club with plenty of assistants/babysitters. Super cool!

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