Monday, May 23, 2011

Jobs I Won't Apply For

In the past I've been a 'go-getter' and had the drive to succeed. Now, I feel more like Peter Gibbons from Office Space. I will work hard, but only between the hours of 8 to 5 and do like take a lunch break. I also still have to balance out my own personal life and that of my family.

I'm in no rush to get a job at this point, but I do like to take a peek at what's posted just in case. Here is an example of a job I WON'T be applying for based on the requirements of the position:

Extremely detail oriented
Be Pro-active
Ability to multi-task
Ability to handle high pressure
Ability to adapt to change at a moments notice
Excellent communication skills verbal and written
Strong organizational skills
Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work well with others
Ability to bring fresh ideas to the department
Outstanding Customer Service Relations

Behavioral Attributes
• Go getter attitude with all projects assigned
• Work well under pressure while maintaining a professional attitude.
• Ability to work closely with team members and foster a team environment
• A “can do" attitude that focuses on solving problems and minimizing blame
• Calm and flexible with a positive, solution-oriented approach to change and new challenges

Ugh - it just seems so rigid and unfriendly already. Makes me cringe. I would prefer to work in a non-hostile work environment where I can sip my morning coffee and ease into the work day.

What's worse - the chaos of staying at home with 3 kids all day or a tyrannical boss? I'll take the former - at least I can take them to the gym and let someone else watch them for a while as I read a magazine on the elliptical machine.

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  1. I have a job were my bosses are under four yrs old and I get to drink coffee, play and sometimes be in my pjs till noon lol!

    new follower from the hop, nice to meet you!