Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Looks Like You've Got Your Hands Full!"

I never realized how common that phrase "Looks like you have your hands full" is, but now I'm starting to see how common it really is. I hear it almost every day when I got out with my 3 kids and sometimes several times in one day.
It's starting to become comical and I want to make a t-shirt design for it. I would put a hilarious drawing on the front with a frazzled lady with too many kids and bags in her arms. That would even be a funny blog name - wonder if it's taken? Probably.  

My hands may be full, but I've got mad skills, so I can handle it.  

In fact, I felt so confident with my skills, that I recently signed us up to host a foreign student for the whole month of July! Yowza! She is a 17 year old girl from Finland who knows some English apparently. We may have some communication problems, but I can always use Google translation tool if need be. HA. 
Finland's Flag
Where in the world is Finland?

People must think I'm really crazy that I just fill my life with busy-ness, babies, pets and now a foreign student. I suppose it may seem that way, but to me it is exciting and adventurous and fun. Yeah, I'll probably be complaining about it a few days into it, but it will definitely be memorable!

I was an exchange student in high school and my best friend growing up had several exchange students and I loved it! I am so excited we finally have a house where we can accommodate one and I'm not working so I have the time to spend with her. They make it sound so easy - just give them a room in your house, feed them breakfast and dinner, pack them a lunch and take them to their bus stop each day.  Then we spend the weekends together as a family. Simple, right?
Her picture she shared of herself she looked so stunningly pretty! And her family looked equally gorgeous and sweet.  I hope she doesn't think we're too wild and unrefined with our full house. But she comes from a family of 5 too, so maybe she'll feel at home. ??

Apparently she loves shopping. EEK. Does that mean I have to take her to the mall or God forbid Fashion Island? UGH. Personally I like to shop, Craigslist, Target, Kohls and consignment. But that's not very fun for a teen is it? 

I really need to do some research on Finland so I can have some background knowledge. I have family in Norway and have visited there, as well as traveled to other places in Europe and the United Kingdom, and Japan, but I'm not totally knowledgeable about Finland. Is it more similar to Sweden and Norway or Russia? Let me find out...

So yeah - my hands will REALLY be full when she comes to visit!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Drama

I have never cared much for Father's Day.  Never really celebrated it growing up and sort of scoffed at it in general.  But now that I've been married for almost 8 years and my husband has been a father for 5 years, I am required to acknowledge his excellence in fathering with cards, gifts and royal treatment throughout the day.

I was in a disgruntled mood about it yesterday and got in a fight on the way to church because of my bad mood.  My perception is that most dads are just glorified sperm donors and aren't necessarily REAL dads.  I realize that isn't true of all dads and I'm just looking at things through a distorted lens.

My own dad was just uninvolved and a disappointment.  My parents split up when I was 2.  Even though he lived next door and I could look at him out my window and see him waving at me (when I was younger), I was not allowed to see him.  My mom coined him "The Creep", "The Louse" or a myriad of other derogatory names.  He didn't pay child support and he didn't pay his own bills.  He lost all that he had because of ... ?  I don't know - pride, laziness, mental illness?

I was always embarrassed of my family, especially him.  He wasn't conventional by any means.  Maybe it was the tail end of the hippie era and he was a late adopter. He was anti-establishment and a mama's boy combined. He had an anger management issue.  Prone to fits of anger and domestic violence directed to my mom.  He tended to spy on her, stalk her and sabotage any of her attempts to date.  So, yeah, Father's Day wasn't really celebrated.

My dad has been dead over 10 years now and I never really had an adult relationship and I didn't get to say goodbye to him.  Never really had an understanding of what really happened in his life or why he chose certain paths.  I just chalk it up to one of the many things maybe I'll understand when I reach heaven.  Not even sure if he'll be there.  I remember him saying God comments to me as a kid like "Jesus loves you!" but does that really mean anything?  I don't know.

So my anger towards my dad I direct towards all men including my husband and especially bosses.  I have never liked authority.  In my mind I think, "Who the hell are you telling me what to do?" And I size them up in my head thinking they are probably horrible husbands and fathers and I feel sorry for their families.   Except, I'm not always aware I'm doing this.  It's usually just a nagging, angry, resentful feeling that I stuff down.  I never really know how to identify it or cope with it.

The past few weeks leading up to Father's Day I've been thinking about him a little more than normal and dwelling on my lack of a father.  I think of how it affects me and the gaping hole there in my heart and life.  I just take out my resentment on other people too.  At church we learn that God is our heavenly father and He fills that void, but sometimes I just don't feel that nurturing love that I wish I had.  He hear things and realize things logically but it doesn't necessarily affect your heart or your ingrained habits.

I talked to my brother yesterday too to wish him a happy Father's Day and he just scoffed and said "I'm not no father." I said, "Fine then - happy sperm donor day!"  That caused him to laugh and he said he would accept that.  Whatever.  He's fine with being an absent dad too.  I feel sorry for my niece.  The dysfunctional family legacy continues.  He lists a bunch of reasons/obstacles why he can't be there for his daughter and it all comes across as he's the victim and he's resigned to his lot in life.  I refuse to believe that.

But just looking at my own bio-family, I can see how having a good, strong, Godly man as my father could have made a huge difference in all our lives.  Looking at all the brokenness in all of us is a realization of just how important it is to have a father present in their children's lives.

When it comes to me though, I'm still so resentful that I can't seem to forgive the men in my life now even the smallest character flaw.  I look at them with disdain.  I am praying about this and hoping to heal; because ultimately it's affecting my quality of life and happiness.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Be Still My Beating Heart!

Celtic Thunder is on PBS again and I am in heaven! They are so handsome and have such incredible voices.  I love Irish singing!  Damn how I wish the tickets to see them in L.A. this fall wasn't so expensive.  I would even just go by myself and wear a bib to catch my drool.

Wouldn't it be so awesome to bump into them at a pub and clink pints of beer with them? The answer is YES!  Justin Bieber is nothing next to these real studs. This one guy who's singing right now is actually wearing a kilt.  How I love me hot men in kilts.

That reminds me, I was going to look into finding my l'il Chicken Hawk a cute utility kilt to wear.  I bet they sell them. It would go great with his Flair Hair for babies.  Hell yes!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Chickadee's Joint Birthday Party

Alright, I never thought I would plan a joint birthday party for my chickadees, but here I am doing just that.  (One is turning 6 and the other is turning 4.)

Having a third child and being on the dole just has a way of scaling down your lifestyle a bit if you know what I mean.  But, I think it's the best decision after all. The way I justify it is: they both love the same cartoon characters and activities which makes it easy for the theme(s) of the party.  They also share a lot of the same friends or their friends have siblings with similar ages.  Also, their birthdays are only 2 months apart, so it's not that big of a deal.  And the biggest reason: IT SAVES ME MONEY!

We've decided to have it at the YMCA pool (which is actually super nice compared to most community pools I know.)  We'll bring food, drinks, decorations, cake, goodie bags and they will coordinate the kids activities such as swimming and sand volleyball and humungous bubble blowing. I am not sure yet how that will all pan out.  I hope we can play a little music though and drink some vodka tasty beverage.

The oldest chickadee has decided she wants a Tangled/Rapunzel theme
and the littlest chickadee wants a My Little Pony theme.

So I need to combine the two themes and make it unique and special to each of them. I think getting them to agree on one theme to share might be asking too much, but I'll try proposing it to them one more time. Do you have any suggestions on how to blend these two themes and on pulling off a joint birthday to make each girl feel special?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Animal on Board

Animal on Board - Spotted in Lake Forest
I never understand why people drive around with an assortment of stuffed animals in the rear window of their cars. It seems as though many people are doing it as a form of decoration. These same people are also fond of displaying their boxes of Kleenex in the rear window. Very strange and unsightly indeed.

I am going to start snapping photos of these hideous zoo scenes when I'm out and about in Orange County.

Today's Animal on Board photo shows a perfectly nice looking Mercedes Benz accessorized with a white teddy bear. Do you think they were trying to match the bear with their car paint?

Blogging is a Hobby

I'm reading a book about blogging right now. Granted, it's a few years old, but it's still really informative.

It stated that 99% of all blogs don't generate any substantial money and they are mainly a hobby. If that's true, I may as well give up my short-lived dream of striking it rich as a celebrity mommy blogger. HA! Guess I will have to seek gainful employment eventually after all. Bummer!

So glad I'm not one of those totally entrenched bloggers spending all their waking moments in tireless pursuit of traffic and readers. I really do just do it for a hobby and for a form of creative self-expression. And it's good experience for when I DO return to work in the MarComm industry. Must stay abreast of all the latest communication tools and trends.

I think I get maybe 5 visits to my blog a day and I have a high bounce rate - meaning they found me purely by accident and didn't see anything that interested them here. LOL. Which is fine... no hurt feelings... REALLY! *sniff sniff*

Anyway, yes, I am fine-tuning my little hobby to try to be more interesting and funny just for the hell of it. It also trains me not to censor myself so much and become more bold in my creativity. I also like to write about people and how they annoy me without them finding out about it.

Blogging is a hobby - c'est la vie!