Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Animal on Board

Animal on Board - Spotted in Lake Forest
I never understand why people drive around with an assortment of stuffed animals in the rear window of their cars. It seems as though many people are doing it as a form of decoration. These same people are also fond of displaying their boxes of Kleenex in the rear window. Very strange and unsightly indeed.

I am going to start snapping photos of these hideous zoo scenes when I'm out and about in Orange County.

Today's Animal on Board photo shows a perfectly nice looking Mercedes Benz accessorized with a white teddy bear. Do you think they were trying to match the bear with their car paint?


  1. Ok, even creepier is when they have one of those curled-up stuffed anuimals that look like a real one! Nothing like having some crazy person freak out that a real dog is in the back window!
    As a completely on topic commentary, my cat liked to ride in the back window on the way home from vet appointments. He liked riding in the car so i'd take him when I just wanted to hit an ATM and fast food or something.

  2. That is funny about your cat! I always get a chuckle out of real animals crawling all around inside of cars. Especially when guys in big trucks have tiny dogs on their laps. Strange.

    I have some interesting neighbors with animals on board that I will be capturing next.