Thursday, June 16, 2011

Be Still My Beating Heart!

Celtic Thunder is on PBS again and I am in heaven! They are so handsome and have such incredible voices.  I love Irish singing!  Damn how I wish the tickets to see them in L.A. this fall wasn't so expensive.  I would even just go by myself and wear a bib to catch my drool.

Wouldn't it be so awesome to bump into them at a pub and clink pints of beer with them? The answer is YES!  Justin Bieber is nothing next to these real studs. This one guy who's singing right now is actually wearing a kilt.  How I love me hot men in kilts.

That reminds me, I was going to look into finding my l'il Chicken Hawk a cute utility kilt to wear.  I bet they sell them. It would go great with his Flair Hair for babies.  Hell yes!

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