Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Looks Like You've Got Your Hands Full!"

I never realized how common that phrase "Looks like you have your hands full" is, but now I'm starting to see how common it really is. I hear it almost every day when I got out with my 3 kids and sometimes several times in one day.
It's starting to become comical and I want to make a t-shirt design for it. I would put a hilarious drawing on the front with a frazzled lady with too many kids and bags in her arms. That would even be a funny blog name - wonder if it's taken? Probably.  

My hands may be full, but I've got mad skills, so I can handle it.  

In fact, I felt so confident with my skills, that I recently signed us up to host a foreign student for the whole month of July! Yowza! She is a 17 year old girl from Finland who knows some English apparently. We may have some communication problems, but I can always use Google translation tool if need be. HA. 
Finland's Flag
Where in the world is Finland?

People must think I'm really crazy that I just fill my life with busy-ness, babies, pets and now a foreign student. I suppose it may seem that way, but to me it is exciting and adventurous and fun. Yeah, I'll probably be complaining about it a few days into it, but it will definitely be memorable!

I was an exchange student in high school and my best friend growing up had several exchange students and I loved it! I am so excited we finally have a house where we can accommodate one and I'm not working so I have the time to spend with her. They make it sound so easy - just give them a room in your house, feed them breakfast and dinner, pack them a lunch and take them to their bus stop each day.  Then we spend the weekends together as a family. Simple, right?
Her picture she shared of herself she looked so stunningly pretty! And her family looked equally gorgeous and sweet.  I hope she doesn't think we're too wild and unrefined with our full house. But she comes from a family of 5 too, so maybe she'll feel at home. ??

Apparently she loves shopping. EEK. Does that mean I have to take her to the mall or God forbid Fashion Island? UGH. Personally I like to shop, Craigslist, Target, Kohls and consignment. But that's not very fun for a teen is it? 

I really need to do some research on Finland so I can have some background knowledge. I have family in Norway and have visited there, as well as traveled to other places in Europe and the United Kingdom, and Japan, but I'm not totally knowledgeable about Finland. Is it more similar to Sweden and Norway or Russia? Let me find out...

So yeah - my hands will REALLY be full when she comes to visit!

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