Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Here I Am Again

It is so darn frustrating. Almost 4:00 and this is the first moment to sit down on the computer and try to do something. Which should be to work on my writing project for a client. Yes, I'll get right on that.

What's irritating is that I feel so LIMITED in my abilities to do ANYTHING AT ALL for me in my personal/professional life.  To have everything sapped out of me from being a stay at home mom can be very exhausting and discouraging.

I had 30 minutes of exercise time to myself this morning but then right away at home I had to feed the l'il chicken hawk, diaper him, do laundry, grab food, then head out the door to get my happy campers.  Then beg, plead and threaten them to take a nap so we can go to the circus tonight.

In less than two hours, I will need to leave the house again to go pick up our Finnish student.  So really, not a lot of time to think and be productive.  

Perhaps working out of the home is not a great idea.  I need a sitter. I need peace and quiet.  I need solitude.  Remind me again why I chose to have three kids?  Oh yeah, to increase the joy in my life.  It is a lot of thankless responsibility to care for them. They are becoming quite skilled in verbal warfare too lately.  "I want a new mommy" (littlest chickadee).  "You're mean" (oldest chickadee). Or they'll spit at me or shout "NO!" Or any other disrespectful crap they spew.  

I need a day out of the week just for ME! Remember that lady who went on strike from her family and ended up moving into the tree house in the backyard? That will end up being me someday - just wait and see!  Sounds like it might make for a great office space.
Can't find me up here!

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