Friday, July 8, 2011

Will Work for Sanity

I want to work. I want to go to an office again. I want to drop my kids off in the loving, nurturing hands of a daycare provider. I want to sip my coffee leisurely as I skim through my emails. I want to say "good morning" to coworkers and hear about their lives. I want to be responsible for projects. I want to be uninterrupted for an hour at a time.

I am currently trying to work from home. It's futile. I have a writing project that I've been trying to work on for a week. Shouldn't be too hard. Somehow it feels IMPOSSIBLE. I'm easily distracted and interrupted. I'm worn down. I'm a mom responsible for 3 kids. Yes, my hands are full. I always thought working from home would be the ideal scenario. But honestly, it might be if I had daycare lined up. As it stands, I'm doing everything myself and that's a full time job (unpaid) by itself.

Might as well just resign myself to my new reality, right? It doesn't make sense to go to work right now with so many children and variables. I will wait it out and keep trying.

This writing needs to be done. I can't think clearly. It's quiet and peaceful for the moment as all are sleeping, but the l'il chickenhawk will awake soon. Must. Write. Now.  It seems I've lost my ability to be sharp-minded and convincing in my marketing writing. Where is the passion and drive? Gone??? Hope not.

Enough procrastination.


  1. Hey Elle, too bad we didn't talk about this at BlogHer, I feel exactly the same way! When you have kids, sometimes the office is like an oasis. I only work part-time so I'm at my office 1 day a week and working from home the rest of the time but I really look forward to being there. And it is SO HARD to get anything done with little kids around. It's like they sense when you're workinga and suddenly want attention. Good luck figure out your next step! :)

  2. Brigitta! Hope you had a nice drive home. I wish we did have a chance to talk more - never enough time. I peeked at your blog and read the last few posts and I really enjoy your writing. I look forward to reading more from you!