Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bouncing Back After Being Laid Off

Looking for some inspiration in jump-starting my job search, I stumbled upon this career advice article - 'Bouncing Back After Being Laid Off.'

I thought it would help motivate me.  I couldn't make it past the first step - 'Grieving Time'.  No grieving here folks - it's celebration time.  I'm aiming for a year-long unemployment party!  

But if you happen to be grieving the loss of your job, here is some helpful advice: 

"Before you bounce into job-search mode, take some time to grieve. There's no denying your loss. And while you may be thinking your employer will call you back on Monday, it's highly unlikely. So go ahead and mourn, and then prepare yourself for the new life ahead of you."

The new life ahead of me... That is what I can't determine.  Is it a new corporate job?  Part time?  Full time?  Is it a SAHM?  WAHM? Entrepreneur of some sort?  How long can I take to decide?  

Instead of trying to figure it out each and every day, I choose to take fun gym classes like Spin, Pilates and Yoga.  It's good for my grieving process. 


  1. Good luck deciding! It's awesome that you have a chance to really think about what comes next.