Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Clutter is Suffocating Me

I can't stand it anymore. I have no order or control in the house. I suck at tidiness. I occasionally try to get it under control, and almost immediately the house has another clutter bomb. It is so frustrating. It is also a complete waste of time. I would rather do what I want to do, (read, blog, ride bike) but however life has other plans. I can never make a dent in it.  Look at all the laundry that needs to be handled.
Laundry Explosion
Master bedrooms are supposed to be romantic and inviting.  Mine is anything but. This is my bedroom floor.  It's a total tripping and fire hazard.  A little farther into the room you would see a huge paper and technology clutter pile.  Lap top, XM stereo, wires, phone, answering machine, magazines, stacks of books, bills, coupons, business cards, receipts, unemployment claim checks... a chaotic mess that needs to be tamed.  
I normally ask the chickadees to help me fold and put away, but it takes so long to micromanage them not to mention how extremely frustrating and exhausting it is. These girls are a brute force against me. Their ignoring skills are top notch. Their cluttering skills are unparalleled. I have no control, no organization,  no time management, poor discipline methods, limited patience or self control.

It is 1:00. I would love to knock out my simple to do list. Unfortunately I'm bogged down by the most frustrating obstacles of parenting. I want to scream. I have writing work to do but can't get past the mess everywhere and the childcare needs to turn on the computer.  I start something and am interrupted and forced to stop.  It's paralyzing!  I need a babysitter and housekeeper. Can't afford or justify it. I need a psychotherapist too. This is why so many stay at home moms are on meds. But not me! I can handle it on my own. Yeah right. I just want to ball up and cry.  But must press on...

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