Friday, August 19, 2011

Review: Paper Culture

At BlogHer 2011, I had the pleasure of meeting with Sarah Hawley of Paper Culture.  She was so friendly and authentic - an excellent representative of the company.  Paper Culture is a Northern California-based company that makes premium greeting cards, baby announcements, invitations and Bamboo Wall Art for nurseries.  

Their booth was in the very back corner of the exhibit hall, dwarfed by all the giant booths they were surrounded by, but they were big in design and character.  It had a very warm and inviting charm and you couldn't help but stop to chat and peek around. 

Paper Culture's products are all eco-friendly as they are made with recycled paper, as is their packaging.  What makes them extremely unique is that they plant a tree in your honor through the Arbor Day Foundation with every order.  As a tree hugger natural woman myself, I LOVE this concept!  What a great idea for a paper company.

All of their cards are printed on high-quality paper with rounded corners.  They also have beautifully-designed artwork with a modern, yet timeless look.  

About Paper Culture (in their words):
"Paper Culture was born from our four founders' love of bold modern design and eco friendly products.  We create what we want to buy, but can't find.  We create in a way that we hope will make our children proud."
I was asked to review a sample of their baby-themed cards, and I accepted gladly.  I am a big fan of old-school communication methods (cards, letters).  There is no electronic substitution for the feeling you get when you receive something personal in the mail.  Cards will never go out of style.

Paper Culture's cards feel nice in my fingers.  They have a strong, crisp texture to them. They are definitely not flimsy.  When you take your finger and 'snap' the corner of the cards, they make a loud, satisfying noise.  Try it yourself - you know you want to!

Some of the baby shower invitations and announcements are so playful and fun.  You can't help but smile when you see them.  Those are my personal favorites.  Others are classic and heartfelt for places for you to upload a photo of your irresistible newborn.  
My model showing off Paper Culture baby announcement AND his assets.

Model choosing to eat the baby announcement.
Paper Culture offers additional services with the purchase of their products to include free mail and addressing service and custom message options on all mailed cards.  Also, professional graphic designers work on each order.  They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to their customers.

After reviewing their website, I see that it's designed beautifully as well.  It has a clean, modern design that is very simple to navigate.  It is supreme eye candy with gorgeous images and photography.  

I am very happy to have stumbled across Paper Culture.  Take a peek and see for yourself how awesome they are.  They are also on Facebook and Twitter for all you social media savvy folks - you know what to do.  

Disclaimer: Paper Culture provided me with a sample pack of cards for this review.

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  1. I also liked the cards I got from their booth. I do a lot of graphic design work and I love the high quality of their products.