Monday, August 15, 2011

A Tea Party in the Estates

A very good friend of mine, we'll call her 'Mansion Mom', has recently moved into a new neighborhood.  Apparently they are called 'The Estates'. Or maybe that's the term the sophisticated ladies use down south. ??

A little back story: Mansion Mom, or MM for short, and I grew up together in a quaint little town in the Pacific Northwest.  We played the kids' game M.A.S.H. many a time, and as luck would have it, she landed on M for Mansion.  (Just happened to marry a man who likes big digs.) (I've had all dwellings BUT mansion, sadly.)

MM will be contributing funny stories and photos on See Mom Work to showcase her comical life. She is not a working mom, but neither am I right now.  So we will let her in our little club anyway, okay?

MM is currently living in North Carolina until they are able to move back to the great northwest. In the mean time, she is settling into her new neighborhood since recently selling their plantation.  One of the sweet southern belles in the neighborhood put a note on her door (on beautiful stationary that was probably scented) that read:

For the ladies in the Estates:

I thought it would be nice to get to know each other better!  
Please come to my home for coffee and lite bites...
Doesn't it sound absolutely delightful?! You don't get that kind of hospitality in Orange County, folks! All of my neighbors scramble to get into their garage and quickly shut it again so they don't have to say hi.  Perhaps I should start distributing these types of notes to my 'Chicks in the Cul de Sac'.

Are your neighbors as sweet as sweet tea like this?

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