Thursday, October 20, 2011

'Mad Moms' at OC Blogger Bash

OC Blogger Bash was a gas!  Brigitta at Brighter Schemata was so kind to invite me on behalf of Moms LA, and I'm so glad I did!

The Anaheim/Orange County Visitor and Convention Bureau, Moms LA, and Purry Communications worked together to put on a well-polished, superb evening 'Mad Men Mom' style circa 1960.  
Satellite Bar greeting us at the entrance.
After overcoming my initial fear of going solo, decked out in a hodge-podge of 1960s garb, I was ecstatic to see Megan from Sunshine Wonderland, who I'd met at BlogHer.  Brigitta introduced me to some nice bloggers: Alma from Field Trip Mom, Sarah Auerswald of Moms LA, Desiree at Day Tripping Mom, and Amy at The Mom Bot.   There were many beautiful, spiffy, funny bloggers there – but don’t forget the few, the proud - The Dude Bloggers!

I can't say enough how incredible the sponsors of OC Blogger Bash were!  Knott's Berry Farm was one of them.  Snoopy is a great dancer; they should totally keep him on staff!

Snoopy blushing.
Some of my personal faves of the evening were the 60s-inspired food and entertainment!  I tasted a little of everything: soda shop sliders, gourmet pizza, PB&J milkshake, lemon bundt cake, orange martinis, not to mention candy cigarettes from the Daily Hot Guy.

PB&J milkshake and a hot rod.
Great music was performed by Doc Rock-It who plays vintage rock, soul, rhythm and blues. Talented, friendly and available for hire! One of the musicians even whispered a sweet nothing in my ear boosting my ego - "You really stood out tonight". (Better than an orange martini.)

The photo booth with 1960s accessories was a huge hit with the Mad Moms.  (This local company, Photo Booth Pro, rents out their photo booth for events and parties.)  They printed out our Anaheim-backdropped photo montage right then and there - so fun!  This area of the convention center was hoppin' all night!
Mad Moms in Anaheim

The best part was the PRIZES!  All attendees received a vintage Anaheim lunchbox filled with sponsor goodies - 2 Knotts Berry Farm tickets, adorable retro sunglasses, McDonald’s Arch Card and more.  

Then I won two Disneyland Parkhopper tickets ($$!) for having a number on my badge.  In the raffle, I also won a one night stay in the Anaheim Marriott suites, breakfast and two tickets to an Anaheim Ducks or Angels game ($$$!!).  I was euphoric! 

Lunch boxes are always en vogue.
The Anaheim/Orange County Visitor and Convention Bureau would like to spread the word about Anaheim as a premium destination in Orange County, California.  I actually used to live in Anaheim in my cute little starter townhome.  It has world-class restaurants, sports, entertainment, Disneyland, culture, and it’s clean, modern with a rich history.

Anaheim's resort area has grown so much in the past few years - it's unbelievable!  Anaheim Convention Center's Grand Plaza is the newest on the horizon.  It is an outdoor special event space projected to be created by the end of 2012.  The design plans were absolutely stunning!

Anaheim Convention Center's Grand Plaza

I can't wait for OC Blogger Bash 2012!