Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I've Got a Friend to Unfriend

To help with Jimmy Kimmel's cause for National Unfriend Day, I've got a friend...

She posted this on her Facebook today (while driving apparently):
Dear Lime green SMART car, Next time you speed up to cut me off...I won't come to a screeching HALT and instead you will become an pretty hood ornament on my SUV:)! Happy Holidays!!
Texting and driving combined with road rage? Lethal combo. And I told her so - I was the only one in her stream of 'Atta Girl' comments to be contrary.

She is so full of herself and her materialism.  Her entire Facebook feed is one big, exaggerated brag after another.  Just to let you know, she has 496 friends and is truly clinging to her party girl reputation.  Hell yeah, we used to rage when we were younger and I was a little more single, but now she's roaming into cougar territory with no sign of slowing down.  

I don't like the way she sounds in this post - as if she's scoffing at someone who would drive a SMART car while she drives her top of the line Range Rover.  Just her - no husband, boyfriend or kids or dog.  Just her AND her big fake boobs.  Did we not grow up in the same small town with humble beginnings?

Truth be told, I may be just a little jealous.  She has a great job with tons of perks, owns her own home in a gorgeous city, is single and living the high life, traveling around the world and partying with fun and interesting people.  And she has a nice rack and 496 friends.  Possibly 495 if I unfriend her.  

Should I?  Do you have any friends you want to remove from your Facebook?

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