Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review: Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby Food

I had the great pleasure of meeting the reps from Ella's Kitchen at BlogHer 2011.  They are such a vibrant company with a fun story.  Ella is a real life little girl with an inspired father, Paul, who collaborated to create 100% organic and kids food with a variety of unique blends of fruits, vegetables and grains.

"Healthy eating can be fun, tasty, and cool for kids!"
If you've been in Target lately (and what good woman hasn't?), you will see that they're on the shelves there in a happy rainbow of colors in convenient little squeeze pouches. 

Here are some informational tid-bits you should know about Ella's Kitchen products:
  • No added sugar, salt or water
  • No perservatives or thickeners
  • No egg, wheat or gluten
  • BPA free packaging
  • 100% organic
  • Orthodox Union Kosher (I am sorry to admit I don't know what this means but hopefully you do)
They are good for when you're on the go and to add to recipes so your child gets their fruits and veggie servings (sneaky sneaky).  It is resealable for use within 48 hours, but honestly, my 11 month old can eat one entire pouch in seconds.

Personally, for my l'il chicken hawk, since he's been born, I've only made my own baby food based on food I already had on hand, or specifically bought to make my own.  Since I've found myself 'in between jobs', making my own baby food saves me money on baby food and the hassle of trips to the store, and it also introduces a variety of texture to his palate.

To be honest, buying Ella's Kitchen baby food would be cost-prohibitive for me since I'm watching my $ (watching it flow down the drain).  But I think having a some on hand is good for outings or when you're in a hurry.  When I offered Ella's Kitchen pouches to my son, he devoured them quickly and wanted more.  (He's got a BIG appetite.)   You can say they were a hit with him!  My chickadees begged me to give them some too.

Another concern I have are the packaging waste, which is a concern for many Eco-concious folks.

Some of the unique food combinations are extensive for all levels of eaters - take a peek!
For the kids, I prefer anything that's got vegetables in it, since it's so difficult to get them to eat it off their plate.

You can find Ella's Kitchen in your favorite stores like Target, Kroger, buybuyBaby and online at and - and they're expanding their reach all the time.

Interact with Ella's Kitchen online at:
Disclaimer: I was provided with a sample box of Ella's Kitchen baby food for this review.

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