Monday, December 19, 2011

Value Condoms

I purchased these value condoms at Big Lots last week for $5.99. We'd recently used our last one - the old one that's been sitting around in the back of the bedside drawer taunting us all year.  This new box of 'BEST VALUE - Value Pack' of LifeStyle Ultra Sensitive lubricated condoms with spermicide should last us well over a year, maybe even two years, as there are 40 in the box. 

If you calculate that we have sex maybe once a month, that equals 12 condoms a year at .15 a condom or $1.80 a year.   That is a very cheap cost of birth control compared to the pill but just a little bit more expensive than abstinence (or masturbating).

I'm not 100% sure they will prevent pregnancy, however.  I am a fertile Myrtle and too much value in condoms might be playing with fire potential offspring.  I didn't even check to see if they are expired or recalled.  Can condoms be recalled?  I read a statistic once that said that there are known manufacturing defects in condoms - I can't take that risk. 

My husband is avoiding making an appointment for a vasectomy, and I refuse to take any more pills or have extra estrogen in my body.  Nor will I get an IUD or a tubal ligation.  I've undergone enough with three pregnancies and births and breastfeeding.  His turn! 

The box says, "Almost like wearing nothing at all!"  Yikes - in what way? Sensation or the lack of ability to stop the stampede of sperm?

So if I end up pregnant in 2012, you'll know how and why it happened. 

By the way, the Trojan condom commercials that they air on the radio and TV at all hours of the day embarrass me - they are so graphically sexual and lewd.  I'm not a total 'Goody Two Shoes', so I'm sure it offends others as well.

What do you use for birth control?  Is it working for you?

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  1. I hate the way condoms smell. Hence why I'm pregnant with #3! LOL