Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Joys of Weaning

Weaning is bittersweet.  The l'il chicken hawk is now 13 months and I've gone from nursing him 100% up to his first birthday, and then to just mornings and nights to now just mornings.  When he nurses now he makes funny faces at me and pretends he's going to bite my nipple and waits for me to scold him.  He knows I'll flick him hard if he dared to bite me.  So it's definitely time to make the switch.  I've been giving him my stored breast milk or whole cow's milk in a sippy cup at lunch and dinner.
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Now I'm experiencing the deflated boob syndrome, which is always fun.  I have to say I prefer the deflated over the engorged, but it's unfortunate that I can't keep the pleasantly plump shape forever.  Then again, sometimes I prefer the tiny boob phase because I fit in my clothes better and makes me look more athletic I think.  Or maybe that's the lie I tell myself.

My doctor wants me to have a mammogram three months after I'm done nursing (because of my family history).  So I'm kind of stalling.  I don't want to go through that and I don't want any bad news.  How long can I keep nursing just mornings?  A few years? I think the milk is starting to curdle in there since there is hardly any demand on it.  Cottage cheese anyone?

So I'm back in my regular bras - no more nursing bras ever again.  I'm definitely not sad about that.  I remember when I first tried to figure those damn things out.  I scoffed at the ridiculous of it all.  I thought nursing was lame - BEFORE I mastered it.  Now I know better - bottle feeding is now lame.  So many extra steps... and the washing...

So raise your glass and we'll cheers to the ending of this season in my life!  Bring on the booze!

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