Friday, February 17, 2012

Respect for Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams - aka Worker Bee
I was listening to the Wendy Williams show on TV the other day.  No, not watching because that would mean I was sitting down and not multi-tasking as usual.
I'm not sure what the topic of the show was or who the guest was, but I overhear her saying:
"When my baby was six weeks old, I was so ready to go back to work.  I'm not meant to stay at home. I'm a worker bee. Bonding with your baby? How much more can I bond with my child?"
I heard a lot of cheers and clapping from the audience, but I think I might have heard some boos too.  I don't think her opinion is very popular with the stay-at-homers and the attachment parenting activists.  I was cheering for her of course because I feel as she does - I go stir-crazy at home and I'm a worker bee.  I honestly can't get anything done at home because I really only have 30 minutes here and there to accomplish anything for myself - it's frustrating.

I had such high hopes for this time off of work.  I thought I would be supremely happy and productive.  I thought I could freelance write, get a business off the ground, be a work at home mom and do everything well.  I thought I would be a great, rested and happy mom at home.  I was wrong.

I've had over a year now to bond with the l'il chicken hawk and the chickadees, but now I'm so ready to join the workforce and get serious again about being a professional.  The kids are going to thrive in a more group setting with other children and more stimulating activities than I am able to provide at home.  I'm sure I've provided them with some much needed security and love since I've been home, but I think I will be a much nicer, loving, patient and kind mommy (to my husband too) after I return to work.  

But I wanted to give Wendy Williams a shout out and props for saying on her show what so many working moms feel!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Awesome Valentines Day Gift

These are the splendid gifts that my husband will be getting tonight for Valentines Day.

Police play set for some ridiculously funny role playing games. Little blue wagon that looks like his car. Box of wine because it's so cool and eco-friendly too. Tennis balls because ours are flat. Record player music card that plays "Baby you're amazing..."

I love shopping at the drugstore - there's all kinds of neat, funny things there. Especially the As Seen on TV section.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I've Got a Golden Ticket!

I feel like Charlie winning the golden ticket in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory!  I was offered the job and I'm so incredibly psyched!!  Almost to tears - and I rarely cry.

I wasn't about to return to work for just any job; this one fit so many of my criteria and more.  I know I'm in the stage of the initial high, but I'm hoping reality doesn't crash down on me too soon.

What strikes me as so wonderful - almost miraculous - is how far I've come in my life with my hard work, perseverance and God's grace.  Starting from nothing, I never thought I might actually come this far and I'm humbled and proud at the same time.

What's also great is that this opportunity almost fell from the sky.  I haven't been pursuing employment, I was trying to bow out of the corporate world and was trying to get my freelance writing going.  I never wanted to be a ladder climber; I pictured hard-core career women as aggressive and obsessively driven (which is not really me).

So giddy to be child-free for a eight hours in the day! My brain will be able to function again! (Hopefully).

  • I won't live up to their expectations
  • They won't live up to my expectations
  • My house will become more chaotic
  • I'll miss my l'il chicken hawk
  • I won't be able to keep up with my hobbies
  • I won't be able to keep up with blogging and freelance writing
  • I won't be able to keep up with my volunteering
  • I won't be able to do a good professional job
  • They will find out that I'm really a dumb ass
  • My kids will miss me and think I'm neglectful

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Take a Chance on Me

This week's theme song is "Take a Chance on Me" from the Mamma Mia soundtrack.
After my third and hopefully final interview yesterday, I listened to this song full-blast on my drive home.  I envisioned doing a spontaneous flash mob of this song as a thank you letter to the hiring committee.  Sort of like a scene from Howie Mandel's TV show Mobbed

But I will spare myself that embarrassment and spare them my no-talent freak show.  I will send them a traditional thank you letter and continue to wait patiently for the final word.  This process has been going on for a month, so I'm on pins and needles.  But I'm so ready to go back to work!  I can't wait to start using childcare again and having large sections of time to myself again.  It's especially nice that my chickadees are both about school-aged now so my options are greater for their placement.  I only have to worry about the l'il chicken hawk's provider.  (and triple back up childcare.)

So all week long I'm going to be singing Take a Chance on Me as my mantra until I get this job offer! Sing it with me!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Let's Chat About Work Life Balance!

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Chrysula asserts that creating meaningful cultures in our homes and places of work has the power to unlock the human spirit in seismic ways for global problem solving.  We could all benefit from the unlocking of our spirits!

Work Life Balance - what's that, you ask?  Chrysula Winegar, an expert on this topic, defines work life balance as:
"Seeking an integrated life - understanding and living by our values in a purposeful and balanced way."

Tomorrow we are hosting an interactive chat at The Motherhood to discuss this hot topic and tips for achieving more balance in your life.  Join us tomorrow, Monday February 6th at 1pm EST/10 am PT for a 30 min chat  to discuss what works, what doesn’t and the core that makes it all happen – relationships.

 In addition to Chrysula as the main host, special guests include:
The Motherhood founders Emily McKhann and Cooper Munroe will also join in on the chat.

We hope to see you in The Motherhood on Monday! Find us here!

UPDATE: Here is the recap from our online chat:  Top Twelve Ways to Find Work-Life Balance.
It was very insightful and lively! I was introduced to many new, dynamic women.