Sunday, February 5, 2012

Let's Chat About Work Life Balance!

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Chrysula asserts that creating meaningful cultures in our homes and places of work has the power to unlock the human spirit in seismic ways for global problem solving.  We could all benefit from the unlocking of our spirits!

Work Life Balance - what's that, you ask?  Chrysula Winegar, an expert on this topic, defines work life balance as:
"Seeking an integrated life - understanding and living by our values in a purposeful and balanced way."

Tomorrow we are hosting an interactive chat at The Motherhood to discuss this hot topic and tips for achieving more balance in your life.  Join us tomorrow, Monday February 6th at 1pm EST/10 am PT for a 30 min chat  to discuss what works, what doesn’t and the core that makes it all happen – relationships.

 In addition to Chrysula as the main host, special guests include:
The Motherhood founders Emily McKhann and Cooper Munroe will also join in on the chat.

We hope to see you in The Motherhood on Monday! Find us here!

UPDATE: Here is the recap from our online chat:  Top Twelve Ways to Find Work-Life Balance.
It was very insightful and lively! I was introduced to many new, dynamic women.

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