Friday, February 17, 2012

Respect for Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams - aka Worker Bee
I was listening to the Wendy Williams show on TV the other day.  No, not watching because that would mean I was sitting down and not multi-tasking as usual.
I'm not sure what the topic of the show was or who the guest was, but I overhear her saying:
"When my baby was six weeks old, I was so ready to go back to work.  I'm not meant to stay at home. I'm a worker bee. Bonding with your baby? How much more can I bond with my child?"
I heard a lot of cheers and clapping from the audience, but I think I might have heard some boos too.  I don't think her opinion is very popular with the stay-at-homers and the attachment parenting activists.  I was cheering for her of course because I feel as she does - I go stir-crazy at home and I'm a worker bee.  I honestly can't get anything done at home because I really only have 30 minutes here and there to accomplish anything for myself - it's frustrating.

I had such high hopes for this time off of work.  I thought I would be supremely happy and productive.  I thought I could freelance write, get a business off the ground, be a work at home mom and do everything well.  I thought I would be a great, rested and happy mom at home.  I was wrong.

I've had over a year now to bond with the l'il chicken hawk and the chickadees, but now I'm so ready to join the workforce and get serious again about being a professional.  The kids are going to thrive in a more group setting with other children and more stimulating activities than I am able to provide at home.  I'm sure I've provided them with some much needed security and love since I've been home, but I think I will be a much nicer, loving, patient and kind mommy (to my husband too) after I return to work.  

But I wanted to give Wendy Williams a shout out and props for saying on her show what so many working moms feel!

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