Thursday, February 9, 2012

Take a Chance on Me

This week's theme song is "Take a Chance on Me" from the Mamma Mia soundtrack.
After my third and hopefully final interview yesterday, I listened to this song full-blast on my drive home.  I envisioned doing a spontaneous flash mob of this song as a thank you letter to the hiring committee.  Sort of like a scene from Howie Mandel's TV show Mobbed

But I will spare myself that embarrassment and spare them my no-talent freak show.  I will send them a traditional thank you letter and continue to wait patiently for the final word.  This process has been going on for a month, so I'm on pins and needles.  But I'm so ready to go back to work!  I can't wait to start using childcare again and having large sections of time to myself again.  It's especially nice that my chickadees are both about school-aged now so my options are greater for their placement.  I only have to worry about the l'il chicken hawk's provider.  (and triple back up childcare.)

So all week long I'm going to be singing Take a Chance on Me as my mantra until I get this job offer! Sing it with me!

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