Saturday, April 7, 2012

Not-so-Good Friday

I was fortunate enough to get Good Friday off. But the stress of trying to clean and the almost-constant feeding and corralling of children proved to be too much.

Look at this disaster! I obviously have an issue with paper clutter and the entryway is my dumping ground for all my bags of clutter. The office is a room we don't even go in because of the mess.

I want to hire a solutions person. I need someone to guide me along and help me break these seemingly-impossible tasks into manageable bits. Or just do it for me.

I managed to make a dent in the kitchen, but that took all day. The rest of the house is still suffering. The kids undo my puny efforts within minutes. This discourages me from even trying to keep a clean house most days.
How do people do it? Do I need to hire someone?? Would it be worth it? The workload is definitely putting a strain on things. I just want to have some fun and recreation in my life. Is that so much to ask?

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