Thursday, May 17, 2012

Must Have: Working Woman Barbie

I just stumbled on a toy I really want! Behold the glorious 'Working Woman Barbie'. It comes with a CD Rom and she talks!! Personally, as a working woman, I prefer email to talking, but not everyone has gotten the memo yet.

I simply MUST have it. Is it worth almost $50 or should I save my money for the chickadees' swim classes?

Awesomeness! The Working Woman Barbie
If I were Mattel, I would create the 'Working Mom Barbie' - she would have a similar, sensible style, yet would look a little more frazzled and have a few extra accessories: diaper bag, clutch of school forms and preschool art, breast pump, etc. She would also need to be updated with a smart phone, iPod, laptop and a Starbucks Grande Salted Caramel Mocha. She would still drive a convertible sports car - not a minivan.

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