Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Womanly Woes

Skin torn after mammogram
Here is a photo taken last night, after I'd had a mammogram. It shows how my skin was ripped across my ribcage under my right breast. It feels like a rope burn. It's at least 6 inches long and makes wearing an underwire bra challenging and painful.

I called the breast center today to report it and to let them know that I've photographed it for my records. They said that skin tearing after a mammogram is not common and acted surprised. "You must have sensitive skin." Uh no, perhaps your tech happened to be overly aggressive. She then asked if I could stop by for them to look at it, but I said no, I'm too busy with work and then picking up the kids at child care, that I'd rather just email them the photos.

Then, she told me, "Actually, we need you to come in anyway. The radiologist wants you to do an ultrasound to get a better look at the left breast." So, naturally my heart sank and I felt immediate dread. WTF? My worst fears are being realized. I scheduled an appointment for Friday afternoon, which is slated to be a 2 hour appointment. Who has time for all these tests?!

She said that most cases are nothing and I refuse to let my mind wander to start terrifying myself. My rationale: I just finished nursing and my boobs are going through a transition. I'm too young. My boobs are too small. I'm in great health. Call it denial, but really, I don't have time to think about the evil C-word. That's not an option for me. I refuse. And if I have to face that reality, you better believe a nice boob job will be in my future.

In other news, my periods have been extremely heavy and annoying since starting up again after the birth of my third child just a few months ago. I'm getting tired of using super plus tampons and pads and the constant changing of them. Last night, I remembered that I had received some Instead Softcups from BlogHer 2012, so I tried using one of their menstrual cups.

I read the instructions three times and attempted multiple times to insert it properly. Apparently I'm one of the lucky 2% that the cup doesn't fit, however. The damn thing leaked into my pad all night and made my bathroom (and hands) a bloody mess this morning.

I'm not ready to give up on the idea completely though, so I've decided to try the Moon Cup reusable menstrual cup from Glad Rags and I'm anxiously awaiting my shipment. When reviewing menstrual cups on, I read 'Ben Dover's' hilarious review for the Moon Cup called, "Prepare for Battle!" It is a literary masterpiece - I was laughing so hard at the descriptions!  Here's a fun little segment:
The Moon Cup comes in two sizes; Size A, for youthful nymphs under 30 who have never given birth and have silken tresses and tinkling laughs and are all size 0, and size B, for Big Ol' Bitches like m'self, who have either spawned, or are so old (ie over 30) that they might as well have been poppin' them out like Duggar Donuts, because their sugar walls are now echoing corridors full of cobwebs and slackness. Of course the packaging phrases it more nicely, but I was miffed to see that despite having never replicated, I was still doomed to the Big Gulp size because of my age alone.
Nothing beats comic relief!

Dear God, please comfort me and bring me peace the next few days as I wait to do more testing. Please let it be nothing.


Moon Cup
Diva Cup
Instead Softcup


  1. Oh that is hard to wait! I hope it comes quickly because I know nothing will reassure you until you get that phone call with the good news afterwards. xxooxx

  2. It's common to get an ultrasound with your yearly mammogram hon. I wouldn't stress about it. I know you will anyway lol I did too after my first experience. Yet for all the hassle it's only to keep you safe and healthy, or so I remind myself!

    As for that Diva cup review omg LOL that was the most hilarious review of anything I've ever read in my life. GREAT stuff haha. I felt the same way as that poster, Ben Dover lol. My Diva Cup remains in it's special little drawstring bag in my shoe drawer. I gave up on it big time.

  3. All clear! I dodged the bullet this year!
    Thank you for your kind, supportive words though - they lifted me up when I was feeling quite scared. (Even though I didn't want to let on.)

  4. I hope you don't mind me asking but did you bleed after? I just had a mammogram today (my first one) and it was like the skin under my breast was torn and it was bleeding. I was just searching to see if this was common and came across your post.

  5. Annette, I don't recall it being bloody, maybe in a small spot. But it very was raw along the bra line. I had searched for answers online to when it happened to me, and couldn't believe the tech said its not usual.

    Thanks for leaving a comment!