Saturday, June 9, 2012

Adventures in Urology

I've been visiting a lot of doctors lately. Why? Because I'm a hypochondriac and because I have new insurance with my new job so I feel obligated to get all my appointments out of the way. I'm really big into 'To Do Lists'. It's an obsessive compulsive trait I think.

My latest appointment has been to the urologist! Since having my first child in 2005, I've been plagued with urinary stress continence. Blame it on the 12 hour labor combined with almost 3 hours of active pushing and the 4th degree tear and forceps delivery. I haven't been the same ever since! But I've never had that good of control to begin with.
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Jumping on a trampoline with stress incontinence is a recipe for disaster!

I haven't been able to tackle that little embarrassing medical problem though because all the doctors I spoke to said that I need to be done having kids before doing anything. "Keep doing those kegels!" Pah-lease - like that ever made any difference!

So I finally got my consult to see the urologist. She discussed the issue with me a little, then had me half undress for the dreaded exam. She had me lay back, sterilized my girly bits, inserted a catheter and proceeded to fill me up with a huge pitcher of water. Wow - talk about feeling 'full'! Then she told me to bear down, cough, cough again, bear down again... What do you think happened? I peed all over the place of course!

After the fun little exam and test, her facial expression and words said it all. It was a substantial leakage issue. She told me that it was a structural issue, and that no amount of kegels was going to make a difference. Which is exactly why I hadn't bothered to ever do those damn things in the first place. She wrote me a consult for physical therapy and then said if I still wasn't satisfied, she could do surgery on it. It all depends on my level of comfort about the leakage issue. How much leakage would you be comfortable with? Me? I want to be able to sneeze, laugh and exercise without leaving a big wet spot in my pants. I would rather not wear a big Depends pad every day in order to feel safe. Holy saddle Batman!

I haven't started the physical therapy yet, but I'll let you know how it goes when I do. It's bound to be entertaining, if not semi-perverted. I hope the therapist is cute, but not too cute, if you know what I mean.

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