Saturday, June 9, 2012

Introducing my New Working Woman Barbie

Working woman Barbie and her BFF Trixie
Since my new "Working Woman Barbie" was delivered last week, my little Chickadees want to play with her non-stop. We've decided to call her 'Elle', ironically. Here she is in her new digs, our mega-mansion dollhouse, hanging with her new BFF, Trixie. She has a lot of work to do on her laptop as she absolutely loves to work - writing press releases are her main joys.

It's so funny to watch the girls pretend to go to work and I love playing with them. It's almost how I feel going to work - it's all pretend. "I've got important work to do, but I'm going to go have lunch with my friend now." They want to take her out of her work clothes and put her in her party clothes, but I keep telling them that she can only party on Friday nights because it's a work night; and she has a family to take care of.

I am loving my new Working Woman Barbie. Every working mom should have one!

Working Mom on the go!

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